Why You Can’t Fully Appreciate Metal Gear Solid Without Playing Metal Gear (1987)

Metal Gear Solid transcends gaming conventions and genres. It’s a masterpiece of game design that has been one of the most influential pieces of work the industry has ever produced.

Millions of gamers are fanatic about Metal Gear Solid and with good reason, it’s combination of amazing gameplay, gripping stories, and just enough randomly crazy Hideo-Kojima-goodness make for an unrivalled experience.

Yet despite the fact that millions of gamers are nuts about Metal Gear Solid, many have never played the original game, Metal Gear, released in 1987 for the MSX2.

That’s a big mistake. Because truth be told, you simply can’t fully appreciate the Metal Gear Solid series without playing Metal Gear.

Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely must play Metal Gear (1987)

  1. 1. Because you need to see the evolution of Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is a genius.  He redefined game design and influenced every other developer in the world. But if you don’t play Metal Gear you’ll never fully understand where Kojima’s ideas and inspirations came from.

Metal Gear is packed full of movie references, most notably The Great Escape.

Metal Gear was initially intended to be an action packed shooter, but the MSX2 made that ambition impossible. In a move to remould the game, Kojima took inspiration from The Great Escape, removing the shooting action with stealth.

When you play Metal Gear you get to understand how the series started and how it tied into the pop culture of the time. And you get to see how those movies and that pop culture inspires one of the best game designers of all time.

This video pays tribute to the legacy of Hideo Kojima, a legacy which begins with Metal Gear (unless you’re a big fan of Penguin Adventure). 

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