Watchdog’s Ultra Realism Could Make It A Bestseller

Watchdogs is one of the most exciting of the next generation. Urban, realistic, stylish and modern, it has everything a good game needs. With the new Watchdogs trailer campaign the gaming world has learnt much more about this hotly anticipated game.


Watchdogs stars Aiden Pearce. Like this wallpaper? Download it!

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The foundation on which the Watchdogs game is its universe. Set in an ultra realistic city, Watchdogs places emphasis on surveillance.  A key political topic at the moment, the subject of surveillance could gain Watchdogs much media coverage and “word of mouth” marketing by itself – provided that the story is of high quality.

Leading Watchdog’s story is Aiden Pearce, a hacker who is able to infiltrate the city’s surveillance network, gaining power over the entire city.  Aiden Pearce is able to intercept people’s phone calls, hack into their bank account and listen in on police broadcasts. Whenever crime breaks out, Aiden Pearce is first to know, and being first to know he has a choice: does he help out or turn a blind eye?watchdogs-gameplay-ps4-game-wallpaper

Aiden Pearce’s powers are great and give Watchdogs promising gameplay. He can essentially manipulate the cityscape through the city’s surveillance system, powering him up to near superhero level.

Watchdog’s combination of ultra realism and promising gameplay make it one of the most exciting of upcoming games. Will it be a must-buy game or yet another mediocre game to rent online? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to get our hands on it for the review.

Watch the new Watchdogs Gameplay Trailer Below

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