Video Game About Depression: Actual Sunlight Depression Game

A video game about depression called Actual Sunlight is the next of our “Most interesting games.” This games take a whole new spin on gaming by applying gaming to an important subject: depression and coping with depression.

Actual Sunlight: A Video Game About Depression


Video games about depression are not common. While most games are fun because they create fictions around powerful characters in fantasy lands, depression games do the opposite, making a game about a character with a real life issue in a real life setting.

Actual Winter is an interactive story about depression in which you play as Evan Winter, a man who is suffering from depression. Actual Sunlight is a thought-provoking game in which you experience the thoughts and decisions of a man suffering from depression.  While the game itself is minimal, Actual Sunlight  sheds an important light on an important subject and does so admirably.

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