Top 10 Scariest Video Game Enemies Ever

Terrifying enemies are something video games have always done well. Ever since the Atari, game designers have been creating enemies that make your skin crawl. To page homage to the brilliance of  video game monsters we present this top ten of the best scary video game enemies ever.


10: Tingle from Ocarina of Time for Wii U and Gamecube


It’s one thing playing an intentionally scary game and coming across tons of terrifying monsters, but when you play a supposedly cutesy game only to come across this freak in a bright green bodysuit who’s clearly ingested many of Mario’s magic mushrooms. . . THAT’s when you really get freaked out.

9: The Dog from Paperboy

paperboy game amiga dog

True story. I was once bitten in the balls by a dog. So I’m probably more scared of puppies than most.  When Paperboy was released in 1988 it presented me with a pixelated representation of my nightmare. Not only did everyone in the neighbourhood want to kill paperboy, but the darned dog that chased at you constantly had you crashing into all sorts of crap. You could shut him up by tossing newspapers at him, but that dog just kept on coming back for more.

8: Out of this World’s Monster

out of this world game monster

Out of this World is a classic from 1991 in which you play a physicist called Lester who finds himself teleported on a bizarre alien dimension in  which one hit killed you. Probably the scariest thing about Out of this World was the unnamed monster that chased you off a cliff the moment you arrived on the alien planet.

7:  Doom 3 Cherub


Doom 3 really wasn’t as scary as it should have been, with one exception: the Cherub. Actually, the price tag was kinda terrifying too ($50! For a snore fest).  Most of the monsters in Doom 3 were too flipping stupid to be scary, but this trapezoid freak was hellacious.

6: Ocarina of Time Wallmasters


Most of the times when you’re set upon by an enemy you’re at least given the good grace of either dying quickly or killing the enemy quickly. Either way it’s over soon enough. But the Wallmasters weren’t content with that, oh no. These sons a bitches made you travel right back to the start of the dungeon, making the adventure draw out ad infinitum.

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