The Worlds Most Interesting Games

In this article we’ll be celebrating the most interesting games in the world. You won’t find  RPGs, First Person Shooters, Fighting Games and other conventional genres of games here. You will, however, find  games about such diverse and interesting subjects as homelessness, depression, ethics, politics, fashion and other subjects? Comparatively few. 

In this article we’re celebrating alternative games, truly interesting games that take hold of the very idea of a game and make it something entirely new.

“The Anger Games” is one incredibly nteresting game


Over the coming pages you’ll find games related to all sorts of subjects, subjects that a AAA title wouldn’t dare to go anywhere near, but which brave independent video game developers have turned their hand to.

So, let’s get started with this list of the world’s most interesting games.



Games about cars aren’t generally the most interesting games. What makes Pursuit Across Europe interesting, however, is the fact that BMW created it themselves as a promotional effort.

PACE: One of the most interesting games about cars


Being a game about cars created by one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, you know you’re getting high production values from PACE. In the game you race across Europe, staring in Portugal. There are tons of different cars and, despite the fact that the tracks are easy, the gameplay is solid. Add to that great grpahics and sound and you’ve got yourself one of the best free online games about cars.

Play Pursuit Across Europe Here. 


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