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The Top 10 N64 Games For Touchscreen Devices (Using An Emulator)

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20 years later and I’m still completely in love with the N64. From Mario 64 to Goldeneye to The Ocarina Of Time, the N64 gave me many of my favourite games growing up, and it probably did the same for you too.

Now we can all play all those top N64 games for free on a tablet or smartphone using an emulator (I personally use MegaN64).

Your phone / tablet doesn’t even need to be that great to be able to run N64 games. You don’t need a dedicated graphics card, or a quad core CPU. And you don’t need a great deal of RAM or ROM either.

The only problem with running N64 games on a smartphone or tablet is the controls.

Assuming you don’t have an external keyboard or a Bluetooth controller, and you’re thereby stuck with the touchscreen itself, you’ll find some games tricky to play.

Goldeneye and Perfect Dark (two of the best N64 games ever), are very difficult to play on touchscreen. Holding R to aim while pressing Z to fire and moving with the touchscreen analogue stick is far from easy and makes both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark too difficult to be enjoyable, which sucks as they are both truly amazing N64 games.

So the bad news is that some of the best N64 games don’t work verywell on touchscreen.

But some games work perfectly.

In this list of the top N64 games for smartphone and tablet, I’ve chosen games that you can play easily using only your phone or tablets touchscreen.

Let’s take a look.


The Best N64 Games For Phones And Tablets

  1. StarFox 64
  2. starfox 64 android emulator

I really enjoyed playing StarFox 64 on a touchscreen but it’s also a little difficult to get to grips with. For the most part (particularly in the easy levels) you won’t have much of a problem taking down enemies. But by the time you make it to Venom and there are enemy ships all over the place, you’ll find it difficult to play StarFox 64 accurately on a touchscreen, mostly because of the sheer number of button presses needed.

Starwing is one of the best N64 games ever (I had a blast playing the VS multiplayer back in the ‘good ol days’) so it’s great to see Starwing holding up one phones and tablets today.


  1. Resident Evil 2
  2. resident evil 2 android

Resident Evil 2 is one of the best Resident Evil games and also one of the best N64 games. Being able to play it on smartphone and tablet is fantastic. But does it work?

For the most part, yes, for a couple reasons. First off, the Z button is only used for the inventory. I always find the Z button the most awkward one to use on my Android tablet, so not having to use it very often is great. Resident Evil 2 doesn’t require any precise character movement either, making it easy to use the touchsceen analogue stick. The only problem I had playing Resident Evil 2 on Android using MegaN64 is that occasionally you may miss the R button when you’re trying to switch targets. But because of the relatively slow pace of Resident Evil 2, most of the time this isn’t a big deal.


  1. Mario Tennis
  2. mario tennis android

Mario Tennis is one of the many great Mario-themed sports games on N64. It’s cute. It’s fun. And you can play as Paratrooper. Awesome.

The controls for Mario Tennis are quite simple. Just move your character with the analogue stick then press A or B to hit the ball (there are some more complicated controls but you can play using just these three inputs). That simplicity translates well on touchscreen.


You ever notice how everyone in Zelda is a total jerk?


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Women in Zelda. They’re kinda fuqed when you think about it

link and zelda meme

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Epona Is Real, People-Zelda Short Film Looks Sick

link zelda epona legend of zelda

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Zelda Wii U Is So Close You Can Feel The Master Sword In Your Hands Right Now


GameStop Italy  seem to be privy to some Nintendo inside information. They’ve started advertising Zelda Wii U with a spring date.  Nintendo has so far only confirmed that Zelda Wii U will be arriving in 2015 , but did not specify anything else. In fact, it makes sense for Zelda Wii U to come out at Christmas market , where the company usually reap higher sales. Launching Zelda Wii U  before then could suggest that Nintendo are changing their overall release plans. If Zelda is releasing early, it’s highly likely another game will be pushed back. Which game could that be… it remains to be seen.


Witness The Awesomeness Of Miiverse’s Majora’s Mask Fan Art

majora mask fan art

Stunning. Beautiful. Ingenious. These are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the Majora’s Mask fan art currently circulating the miivrese. Check out the slick awesomeness of these amazing Majora’s Mask fan artworks. Nintendo; maybe you should hire some of these fan artists


Our Study Shows that Playing RPG’s Expands Your Mind



Psychology / Psychological Benefits of RPGs in a nutshell:

-They develop mindfulness (a key psychological skill that is used in wide ranging fields from self help for depression to sports psychology)

-They develop creative thinking skills via puzzles (creative thinking is important to many jobs, from a career in teaching to Information Technology)

They train our minds to work progressively towards a goal

They are arguably the most relaxing form of game

– They teach our minds to spot how things will logically progress (important to both personal and professional life)


Psychological Benefits of RPGs


25 Games Like Binding of Isaac

games like binding of isaac

< b> The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is an indie video game created by video game developer Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl in just two months. The brevity of the development, however, belies the games quality. Binding of Isaac sets itself one game design aim: to be fresh every time anyone plays it. To achieve this, Binding of Isaac uses roguelike game design and permadeath to create dungeons that are unique each and every time.


Games with Horses


Games with horses have always been popular since near the beginning of gaming. Even numerous text games with horses were made back in the 1970s (the very early days). Since then, horses have become quite famous in games, with horses like Epona and Argo being some of the favourites. Click the link below and we’ll… Read more »


Anodyne: An Excellent and Original RPG A’La Zelda

anodyne indie game review


Anodyne is a retro-inspired game developed by two man team Analgesic Productions which will instantly bring a tear to your eye as it conjures feelings of nostalgia for the 16-bit era.

The game begins by giving you a very simple tutorial that let’s you know how to play. The controls are simple, with directional buttons, attack and jump. The controls belie the complexity of the game’s design.

Playing in a top-down view, Anodyne uses a static camera that simply jumps to the next screen when you walk past the edge of the screen you’re on (like old school RPGs). As you would expect, you’ll find yourself some weaponry early on with which you can dispatch various enemies, some of which offer plenty of challenge, making strategy a key component of gameplay. Of course, the biggest enemies are the bosses, which are found at the end of every dungeon. Many of them will test even the most hardcore of gamers. You’re definitely going to die many times over, but you won’t mind too much thanks to a very high quality of gameplay.



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