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20+ Games Like Civilization Beyond Earth

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About Civilization Beyond Earth

Sid Merier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a 4X turn based strategy game and spiritual successor to the Alpha Centauri series. It features many of the same gameplay mechanics that were present in the 1999 title. Set in a unique world, a sci fi theme that is unique to the Civilization series, Beyond Earth takes the classic gaming series in an all new direction.

Beyond Earth is a TBC game that is played on a hexagonal grid. It builds on the ideas that were present in the game’s predecessor, Civilization V. In it you build cities, lead armies, and engage in turn based strategy. This is one of the best games inits genre, but for more games like Civlization V Beyond Earth, see below.



Games Like Civilization Beyond Earth

Games Like Afterwind / Games Like AtWar


25 Games Like Afterwind / Games Like AtWar

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AtWar, which was formerly called Afterwind, is a browser based multiplayer strategy game. It takes its inspiration from the classic stratefy games Civilisation and Risk. You aim is to beat other players in strategic wars online and thereby to achieve complete world domination. AtWar / Afterwind contains tons of different maps of various citis and countries around the world over which players compete. You can also create your own maps and scenarios which can be based on historical battles or fictitious battles.



Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: Best Turn Based Strategy Games


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Civilization Games Like Evony 2: The Best TBS Games Ever


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Total War Rome: Best Turn Based Strategy Games


It didn’t take Total War Rome from Creative Assembly long to be regarded as one of the best Turn Based Strategy games of all time. It has a Metacritic score of 92 % from 58 reviews, making it one of the most critically acclaimed TBS games of all time. In Total War Rome you take on one… Read more »