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I’m tripping balls… Oh no, it’s just Dropsy A Point & Click Hugventure

dropsy the clown

Dude… dude… you’re totally tripping balls!

Oh no. You’re not. It’s just … what the fuq is this?!

 Dropsy A Point & Click Hugventure?!

It’s the trippiest game trailer on Youtube. It stars Dropsy, a handless and mute clown with a smile so freaking hideous it makes babies and cats piss themselves in fright. And all Dropsy wants is to hug everyone he meets.

That’s right. He’s a clown with hug-aholism.

You beautiful people made this game happen when you supported the 2013 Kickstarter campaign and gave $25,000 in order to see this horror come to life.

Maybe you supported it because of the Frankenstein-esque trope of loving the unlovable. Game designer Jay Tholen says, “Loving the unlovable is one of the game’s most prominent themes.” That’s why Dropsy’s so damn hideous: Because Dropsy: A Point & Click hugventure challenges you to stop being such a judgmental bastard and start opening your heart to ugly stuff.

Ugly stuff like this potato.

ugly potato

And like Dropsy himself.

fdropsy the clown point and click hugventure

 And really, you should open your heart to ugly stuff.

I mean sure, you might look like a super-model. You might take selfies every day like The Rock and have women swooning over you. But for ugly stuff, life’s not that easy.

So do yourself a favour. Play Dropsy The Clown and learn to open your heart to the ugliness.

This game’s available via its official site. Go play. Have fun. Enjoy life. I’ll be here when you need more ranting.







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