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Deadpool Trailer’s Full of the best jokes and Deadpool Quotes

The final reason why Deapool’s trailer is a classic is simple: it’s freaking hilarious. For proof, check out these great Deadpool quotes. Deadpool Quotes “Marvel. .. anti-hero. . .so yeah, kinda a big deal” “Screw this. Let’s torch this mother!” “No not Cable’s man-bazookas!” “Bang Bang Bang!” “. . . Bang!” “If that don’t put skid-marks in your pants, wait till you see this” NEXT PAGE

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Deadpool Voice Actor Nolan North Brings Deadpool To Life

So, we already know that Deadpool is one of gaming’s best characters EVER. But naturally, in this day and age, you can’t just get by with a cool visual design for your lead character. You’ve also got to have some great voice work and a good script. Thankfully, Deadpool’s voice actor Nolan North just so happens to be one of the best in the business. Nolan North is a man who knows how to speak. He started off as a journalist, then became a comedian, and now does voice over work for video games. Nolan North started his games voice...

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Deadpool is One of the Best Characters in Gaming

It would be impossible to continue this list of reasons why Deadpool’s new trailer is one of the best ever, without mentioning Deadpool’s character itself. Deadpool is one of the best characters in gaming. He might not have as many games made after him as the likes of Lara Croft, Master Chief, Mario and co., but he makes up for that by being so freaking awesome in the games he does feature in. Deadpool is one of the coolest anti-heroes ever. A complete anarchist, loud mouth, probably-Sex-Pistols fan, Deadpool screams that most cherished profanity “Who give a F**K.” Constantly sarcastic...

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Deadpool’s Commentary on Video Game Design in the New Trailer

On the previous page we discussed how Deadpool’s character is brought to life through repetitive breaking of the fourth wall. The sense of realism High Moon Studios created by breaking the fourth wall is heightened by their commentary on video game design and game marketing. Here are some great Deadpool quotes that reveal High Moon Studios commentary “Marvel hired the best editors in the world to create an expensive ass trailer for my new game. Buuuut, we took all their money and made our own trailer!” “Quick shot of some awesome bazookas” — reference to the fact that game trailers...

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Deadpool’s Character Brought To Life By Breaking Fourth Wall

One of the key reasons why the new Deadpool game trailer seems so much better than other trailers is thanks to its continual breaking of the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall brings Deadpool’s character to life what’s a fourth wall? Breaking the third wall simply means that the character (Deadpool) steps out of the fictional world of the game and addresses the audience directly. . No sooner has the trailer started than Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by directly talking about how much the trailer cost to produce. This stops Deadpool from being a mere character and makes him...

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Why Deadpool’s Game Trailer Rocks: top 5 Reasons

The new Deadpool game trailer has been release, and boy is it a beauty. BAZOOKA! If you’re a fool you might somehow have missed the new Deadpool game trailer. It’s all kinds of awesome. It doesn’t just make the new Deadpool game look excellent, it even┬áprovides hilarity and some tongue-in-cheek commentary. There’s an awful lot that video game developers can learn about marketing and about video games design in general from the trailer. Hit next and will indulgently dissect the brilliance of the new Deadpool trailer. Don’t forget to watch it first though.