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25 Games Like Among The Sleep

among the sleep gameplay review

In our collection of games like Among The Sleep you’ll find many excellent first person shooter horror games that are very similar to Among The Sleep and make fantastic altneratives.

About AMong The Sleep Among The Sleep is a highly popular first person shooter survival horror game that was created by video game developer Krillbite Studios for Windows, PS4, OSX and Linux. Among The Sleep is one of the best survival horror first person shooter games ever, with amazing graphics and a captivating story. Find more games like AMong The Sleep in our list below.

Games Like Among The Sleep


25 Games Like Afraid of Monsters

david leatherhoff afraid of monsters

Afraid of Monsters

Afraid of Monsters is a Half Life mod that turns Half Life into an amazing survival horror game. In the game you play as David Leatherhoff, a guy addicted to drugs. Recently, David Leatherhoff’s been suffering from halucinations. Afraid of Monster is based on Half Life and so is a first person shooter, but this mod takes Half Life into the realm of survival horror.



Games Like Dayz



DayZ has you playing in a fictional post-Soviet state known as Chernarus where a virus has caused the people to turn into zombies. You play as one of the survivors and must find water, food, weapons and medicine while avoiding or killing hordes of zombies and choosing to either play co-operatively or competitively against other players as you try to survive the apocalypse.