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Blanka In Swimming Trunks-Street Fighter Art At Its BEST

Capcom Unity. It’s a wonderful place where you can find all sorts of marvelous things. Like Blanka wearing swimming trunks. This collection of Street Fighter art shows Street Fighter characters in their swimming costumes. It was created by Capcom-Unity memeber Bralston. For more, check out her blog. The Beauty And Horror Of Street Fighter Characters In Swimwear  

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Japanese Video Game Commentary-It’s Just Awesome

So there I was watching the latest Street Fighter footage of Pepeday VS Noeun when it suddenly hit me just how awesome Japanese games commentators are. Sure, James Chen and Ultra David are great. But Japanese commentators? They sound like they’re having a nerdgasm every time someone lands a combo. And that… that’s awesome. Just listen to this dude here. Going nuts. Over a combo. Awesome. Seriously. Dude is so happy in infectious. That, I reckon, is why Japanese commentary is still the best.   The gameplay’s awesome too. But then, it’s Pepeday. Of course it’s going to be good.

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The Positive Effect Of Fighting Games On Your Life

Fighting games; they’re all about violence, death and gore aren’t they, Fox News?

No, they’re not. Fighting games, like other game genres, are packed full of positive benefits for your mind and your life and are so effective at training your brain that they can even be put to good use as a tool for personal development and self improvement. How? Two words: Decision making. Fighting games are, in essence, a fast-paced decision making activity. Their benefit in terms of self improvement is that they teach our brains how to make good decisions in minimal time. They force us to carry a great deal of information at one time and to make snap second decisions based on knowledge, odds and analysis. . .

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 Release Date And Training Mode

Capcom have announced that the Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 release date will be at the beginning of June. News has also been released regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4’s training mode. The new training mode will allow you to practice combos and practice your set-ups while you wait for online challengers. The new training mode will allow you play while “Fight Request ” is on, and you can turn Fight Request of by pausing the game. A new offline battle log will allow you to watch your local multiplayer games and you can upload straight to youtube with Ultra Street...

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4 Chun Li From Street Fighter | Best Female Games Characters

 Chun Li from Street Fighter is the best female games character in any fighting game.  4: Chun Li from Street Fighter When Street Fighter 2 game on the scene with it’s amazing (for the time) eight different playable characters, Chun Li captured the heart of fighting game fans around the world. Chun Li is one of the earliest games characters to truly provide a positive representation of women in games. Noble, honourable and extremely strong, Chun Li became one of Street Fighter’s most popular characters ever (quite the accomplishment given the number of characters in Street Fighter games). Chun Li...

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How Street Fighter’s Ryu Helped Save My Life

I’ve never written as personal a story as this before. And in many ways I don’t know where to begin. Save to say that in my past I suffered from depression on and off for some time. The worst was several years ago, I time that I honestly never thought I would get through. I won’t go into the causes of my depression simply because it involves other people and I don’t feel the right to share other people’s private matter. What I can say is that going through depression was the most challenging and most painful experience in my...

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Tell Capcom How You Would Design Street Fighter 5 after Street Fighter 4?

Okay guys, it’s over to you again. We need your best ideas for design improvements to be made to Street Fighter 4 to make Street Fighter 5 for PS4 and XBOX 720 the best fighter in the world. Capcom have hinted that they’ve begun work on Street Fighter 5 and naturall, both Capcom themselves and we, the gamers, want Street Fighter 5 to be the best Street Fighter yet. As usual, if we get more than ten quality answers in the comments below and 100+ Likes to the question “How would you design Street Fighter 5″ this page will go...


SSF4 & SFxT Best Characters? RANDOM!

Why Random Select is the Best Character When I’m stuck with work or feeling uninspired and generally sluggish, there’s nothing I love more than jumping onto Street Fighter X Tekken or Super Street Fighter 4 AE 12, hopping online and playing in ranked as that glorious little question mark character known as random select. It’s not to learn characters outside my main, nor to get styled on by beasts. No, the reason I use random select is far more important than that: it gets me out of my own head. I have the sometime-luxury, sometime-curse of working at home. It...

Wallet Raping! SFxT for Vita: New Characters. . . Yawn 1

Wallet Raping! SFxT for Vita: New Characters. . . Yawn

Wallet Raping! SFxT for Vita: With New Characters  Elena, Dudley, Sakura, Christie, Lei,   “The battle has only just begun” states the trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken on PS Vita. The statement seems pretty ironic, given that for this author the SFxT battle ended long ago after realising just how broken SFxT online play was. But there’s good news! If you buy SFxT for  both the PS3 andPS Vita you’ll get new characters for the PS3 version! Urggghhhh…  somehow it feels like Capcom are trying to rape my wallet. “Will you cross the line?” asks the trailer at the...

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SFxT Tier List

    This is the newly released Japanese tier list for SFxT. any surprise Ryu is top tier? and why is yoshimitsu absoute bottom tier? And does it really matter given that top players say tier lists don’t really matter that much?! So many questions, so little time. Still at least 99.99999% of online players are happy their team of Ryu and Ken is completely top tier. Hurrah! SFxT Tier List from Japan   S Rank Ryu, Ken, Raven A+++ Rank Rufus, Gouki (Akuma), Rolento, Juri, Chun-Li, Guile A Rank Posion, Kazuya, Sagat, Law, Balrog, Zangief, Vega, Hwoarang, Ogre, Abel,...


Street Fighter X Tekken Character Select Screen Psychology

Street Fighter X Tekken Character Select Screen Psychology Character Select Psychology Lesson 1: Pick Someone Else First thing’s first. If you’ve been playing Street Fighter or Tekken for a few years you’ve likely got one or two favourite characters who you know pretty well. You know their moves, their basic gameplay style and have a pretty good idea how to win with them. By picking these characters you’ll likely set yourself up for some early victories but you might regret it down the line. Why? Beginner’s Mind  Beginner’s Mind is a concept that originated in Zen Buddhism and which essentially...

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Ryu-Street Fighter

Five Ways Ryu in Street Fighter Inspires Me    Ryu in Street Fighter is, without doubt, one of the most popular video game characters of all time. Back in the 90s every gamer wanted to be Ryu, and it wasn’t just for his awesome fighting skills, his moves set that has inspired countless clones, or even the fact that he could kick the crap out of anyone he chose. Underneath all that glossy shine of fireballs and dragon punches lay something that at the time seemed illusive: a personality, a character, a hero. Ryu was always more than some fighting...

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 Changes — final

Ryu’s changes Crouching Medium Kick Hit detection extended from 3F to 5F. Solar Plexus Strike Changed damage from 40 + 50 (90 total) to 40 + 60 (100 total). Near Standing Heavy Kick Equalized normal hit and counter-hit frame advantage. Heavy Shoryuken Made this a 1-hit move. Set damage in 1st and 2nd active frames to 160, and in 3rd to 14th active frames to 60. Made from start to 4th frame totally invincible. Made mid-air follow-up impossible. Removed possibility for EX Focus Attack and super canceling. Hadoken Changed light/medium/heavy version damage from 60 to 70. Chip damage is the...


Super Street Fighter 4 Tier list 2012

Super Street Fighter 4 Tier list 2012 On This Page: The Tier Lists of: Mago, Tokido, Poongko & Uryo Next Page: Daigo, Sako, Kindevu & More Fighting games; they’re all about violence, death and gore aren’t they? No, they’re not. Fighting games, like other game genres, are packed full of positive benefits for your mind and your life and are so effective at training your brain that they can even be put to good use as a tool for personal development and self improvement. How?  …. Find out HERE: The Positive Effects of Fighting Games on Your Life (also tells you what to say...

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Today is the Day Games Become Real

 Today is the Day Games Become Real I want to share a secret with you. It’s up to you what you do with it, if you keep it to yourself, tell your friends, relatives or whoever, but I want to share it with you. My secret is this.  Games are real.  Yes, that’s right, video games. For years we have been told that games are just fantasy, that the characters are not real, that the action that occurs in games doesn’t really happen in real life. But it does. What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about You. You...


The Top 20 Rewards in Gaming EVER!

[relevant-to-adsense type=”ignore”] Top Game Rewards 19  Mortal Kombat 2’s Noob Saibot Fight  Overview : We all know about this one, right? Noob Saibot / Boon Tobias (developers).  To a fighting game player around my old old age MK2’s Noob Saibot fight feels like an urban legend. You win 50 fights and you fight the grey version of the yellow version of the blue version of a ninja dude.. or something like that.   Reward Type : Empowering (amongst others) This reward actually cover several of the reward types but fits most comfortably into the “empowering” archetype.  Winning 50 rounds at...


Powerful Games : Street Fighter 4 series

  Top 9.5 Games That Make You Feel Powerful 4 : Street Fighter 4 Series Why It’s On The List : It’s one thing being given power without effort, which is what the majority of games do, but to truly value your power and to feel it thoroughly, you need to be engaged in its creation. You want to know that YOU made your character powerful. The Steet Fighter 4 series is brilliant at that. Whether you’re a pathetic noob or a master, in Street Fighter, your power truly lies in your own hands.. well.. unless you use Yung, Yang...