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Indie Games Developer With Zero Games Gets $1.8m from NCSoft

How many games do you need to make as a game developer in order to see huge profit? The answer is precisely zero. MMO publisher NCSoft has invested a whopping $1.8m in Korean indie game developer Binaree despite the fact that the developer has yet to actually make any games. NXSoft is a world renowned publisher from Korea known for their work on numerous PC MMOs, including Guild Wars, AION, Blade & Soul and Wildstar. So the fact that they’re willing to invest such a staggering amount in a company that has yet to actually do anything is quite remarkable....

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Any more Great Games Like Company of Heroes…?

Below, you can find our list of games like Company of Heroes 2. But before we look at alternative games to Company of Heroes 2 let’s take a quick look at whatCompany of Heroes 2is in our brief review. Company of Heroes 2 Review:    Company of Heroes 2 the sequel to the 2006 title of the same name. It’s a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega for the Microsoft Windows platform..  The game is set in World War II and focuses on the Eastern Front .You control the Soviet Red Army during the events...

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Have You Played These Amazing Games Like XCom Enemy Within

XCom Enemy Within

XCom Enemy Within is an expansion pack for the turn-based military alien invasion strategy wargaming simulator XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The gameplay and story is the same as that in XCOM: Enemy Unknown with some additional features. The player manages the XCOM headquarters in almost real time progress, but much of the gameplay consists of turn-based battles against the invading aliens and some with the rogue human faction EXALT across the globe.