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25 Games Like KOTOR — Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Knight of the Old Repbulic

KOTOR is a Star Wars role playing game made by video games developer BioWare and released for PC in 2003, then subsequently for Mac in 2004 and iPad in 2013. It is the prequel to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic– The Sith Lords.

KOTOR is based on Dungeons and Dragons. In the game you choose from three characters and then later choose from different kinds of Jedi. There are also stats assigned to the different characters and tiered force power which allow for magic which can be upgraded like in the majority of fantasy RPG games

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Star Wars 1313 Sees The Dark Side | Trailers for 5th April

 Okay, so technically none of this trailers for Star Wars 1313 are new, but they’re included in our list of trailers for today simply because  it’s good to remind yourself of what you’re going to be missing out on. After Disney closed LucasArts, development of Star Wars 1313 was confirmed to be over. So, all these great trailers of Star Wars 1313 that we saw at E3 and beyond are really just teasers. . . dirty little teasers, making us believe we’ll be jumping into awesome galactic action, then walking out on us at the last moment. Star Wars 1313...

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The Top Ten LucasArts Games: Farewell LucasArts

After the news that Disney is shutting down LucasArts and licensing Star Wars games over to other developers, it seems there’s no better time than now to take a look back through the top ten LucasArts titles of all time. In its heyday, LucasArts was among the absolute best game developers, making some truly exceptional titles, most famously with adventure games and with the numerous Star Wars titles. LucasArts gave the gaming world many of its most cherished franchises. Here’s a look back at ten of the best.     The Top Ten LucasArts Games: Farewell LucasArts 10: Super Star...

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Review: Star Wars Pinball: It’s Star Wars, And Pinball, Duh!

 It’s not about to blow anybody’s mind to discover that Star Wars Pinball is. . . uhhh. . . well, it’s Star Wars and Pinball, combined. This isn’t your average pinball game though. Being made from specialists of the genre, Zen Studios, who previously released the amazing superbZen Punball, this is absolute best that Pinball offers, set in the best fictional universe of all time: Star Wars. At the start of a new game you’re given the option of joining either the light side or the dark side of the force (remember, kids, the dark side isn’t stronger, just more...