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Sims 4 employees now have more rights than the rest of us


Hands up who works in an office? Now keep your hands up if you wish you had more privacy in your office.

Well here’s some good news. Employees have now been granted private areas with locked walls.

Oh, just one small point: I’m not talking about in real life. I’m talking about in The Sims 4.

EA have just added a new patch that gives your workers in The Sims 4: Get To Work private quarters.

Here’s what EA said on their blog.

“After the release of The Sims 4 Get to Work* we heard the calls for employee-only rooms loud and clear, so we made sure to include that option…”

I hope my boss is listening to this. Locked doors. Employee-only rooms. All great ideas…

“There are also more standard locks, like the ability to lock a door so only your Sim can get in, or being able to lock it for a household. If you’re tired of random Sims walking into your Sim’s room and taking a nap on their bed at 2:00AM, you’ll be able to prevent that with door locks. We’ve also added new gender-specific doors to the catalog, which open up some cool possibilities for improvements to some of the Venues in the game.”

Employees in The Sims 4 even get to do some D.I.Y and room renovation

The new patch also adds the ability to build walls, meaning you can essentially do room renovations.

So here’s everything employees in The Sims have that you probably wish you had at your own work

Those Sims are now able to have a private quarter all to themselves. They get to redesign their rooms and even to build entirely new rooms using walls. And as though that’s not enough, they even het “Gender Gates”. Not sure what that does but I’m expecting to hear some interesting commentary about it out of FeministFrequency in the very near future.

Sims 4 employees. You have no idea how lucky you are…

But there is one way in which Sims 4 employees are exactly like the rest of us

Unlike in real life, it used to be that employees in The Sims 4 would slack off. They’d basically just completely stop working for you. And they’d get away with it scot-free. But your boss kicks your ass if you take so much as a 5 minute break, and EA have done likewise. Their new patch has made it so that those Sims employees cannot stop working. They’re slaving away like minions… kinda like you and me.

I wonder what would happen if real-life managers played The Sims 4 and decided to implement some of these improvements…

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