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Games like Second Life


Perhaps the most famous of games like Sims is Second Life, which went on to spawn many more games like Second Life aster it found huge commercial success.

Games like Second Life present an alternative lifestyle


Second Life, as the name might suggest, attempts to be much more than a game and instead presents itself as a second lifestyle. In Second Life, you play in a virtual would that is kinda like the real world, except for the fact that you can fly and teleport.

You can own land, run businesses and make actual money (though not much) in Second Life. Many players get so into Second Life that they actually spend more time in it than they do in their real lives. There are millions of players playing all over the world too.

Second Life is one of the most unique gaming experiences on the planet. It’s also a very addictive video game! Be warned, once you get into it you might not get out.

 More games like Second Life:

Games like Second Life include: There, Smeet, Blue Mars and IMVU 


Games Like Kudos



Kudos takes the basic SIMS theme of allowing you to live out the life of a virtual character. In Kudos you play as a 20 year old waiter. Your game develops as you make a series of important choices in life, ranging from trivial matters such as commuting to work, to much more important this like deciding to get married.


Games Like The Movies and Games Like Sims


The next great games like Sims is The Movies. Taking the basic idea of managing virtual lives, The Movies applies the themes of the Sims and centres them aroud film directing. You get to choose whether you’re going to be a casting director, film director or movie mogul, among other jobs, and go about creating… Read more »


Games Like Virtual Families / Games Like Sims


Continuing our look at Games Like Sims we come to Virtual Families and other games like Virtual Families. In Virtual Families you adopt an adult with a predefined set of personal characteristics. You then put your person in their house and must lead them through family life. You’ll be responsible for developing their careers and… Read more »


Games Like Animal Crossing / Games Like Sims


Our next game like Sims is Animal Crossing, but we’ll also look at some games like Animal Crossing on this page too. Animal Crossing and Games Like Animal Crossing Animal Crossing: City Folk is very much like the Sims, except for one very important difference: you’re controlling animals rather than people. The animals in the… Read more »


Games Like Virtual Villagers and Sims

The first of our games like Sims is Virtual Villagers (we’ll also cover games like Virtual Villagers on this page and the next). Screenshot from Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers Virtual Villagers takes place on the island of Isola, the home to refugees from another island. The refugees games to Isola when their home was… Read more »


Games Like Sims – The Best Games Like The Sims


Games that simulate life are nothing new. The Game of Life was created way back in 1860.  This was the first real game like the Sims. Players took on a pegged piece of blue or pink and went through life going through college, getting a job, getting married and so on. Unfortunately, while the idea… Read more »