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So Just How Long Is Fallout 4 Exactly…? You’ll Be Amazed

fallout 4 concept art

A lot of people have been asking “How long is Fallout 4?” It turns out that the answer is… No one knows!


Fallout 4 is so massive that not one person on the development team has seen all of it yet, not even the leader producer Jeff Gardiner. At a roundtable event Gardner said “I’ve played the game probably 400 hours, and I’m still finding stuff that I haven’t seen yet.”

So, we do know Fallout 4 is at least 400 hours long. That’s precisely 16.67 days, if you play it non-stop, which (let’s be honest) we probably will.

Everyone on the development team keeps talking about how they’re constantly running into new content they’ve never seen before. Game director Todd Howard says, “I’ll be playing the game and run into something and be like, ‘Who built this? What is this? It’s so big!'”

And just in case there isn’t enough exploration to satisfy your inner-wanderer, you’ll also be able to build houses. The houses don’t offer any functional purpose in the campaign, but then again this is Fallout so doing pointless things is half the point (ironic that).

We got to see a ton of Fallout 4 content at E3, along with some amazing new concept art. We also got to see the new character creation tool, which allows you to sculpt your character’s face in a bathroom mirror (jees; wish I could sculpt my own face in the bathroom mirror…).

 Here’s all the info you need to know about Fallout 4’s gameplay

  1. Fallout 4 begins before the apocalypse, with you as the sole survivor from Vault 111.
  2.  VATS returns and you’ll be able to blast some mole rats.
  3. You can also give commands to Dogmeat
  4. Pip-boy gives you access to minigames
  5. A new crafting system lets you create weapons and armour
  6. You can base build and build houses
  7. Your canine friend will not be able to die. That’s right, you can’t lose the dog. Phew.
  8.  And there’s so much content even the lead producer hasn’t seen it all yet.




Here’s that glorious Fallout 4 concept art

fallout 4 concept art

The concept art for Fallout 4 is truly amazing.

fallout 4 concept art 5 fallout 4 concept art 4 fallout 4 concept art 3 fallout 4 concept art 2




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Abuse is a a retro run and gun game that was made by video game developer Cracked dot com and released for DOS in 1996. The game’s source code was made public domain in the 90s, allowing it to be put up online for free. In the game you play as lead character Nick Vrenna who was wrongly imprisoned.


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Absolute Force Online

Absolute Force Online is a free to play tactical shooter that is viewed from a first person and third person perspective. It was made by video game developer TQ Digital and is built on the Unreal 3 engine. In the game you play on the side of either “Justice Hand” or “Fallen Angel” and will fight the opposite team in global combat.


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Destiny is the most hotly anticipated games of the year. An online multiplayer RPG FPS, Destiny is considered to be the spiritual successor to Halo, coming from game developer Bungie. C


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Warframe is a free to play cooperative shooter that plays out in third person perspective. It was created by video game developer Digital Extremes for PC and PS4. The game is free to play but, naturally, there are lots of different items to purchase using the in-game currency.


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games like meactro last night

Metro Last Night

Metro Last Night is a horror shooter that will scare the hell out of you. The game features an excellent degree of realism and truly makes you believe that you are a part of the story. The plot is tied in to the story of Metro 2033. This time around, you are quested with finding the remnant Dark One and uncovering many plots and twists about the factions who are vying for control of a military facility. As with Metro 2033, Metro Last Night features a dark and sinister atmosphere designed to scare the hell out of you.


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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular game franchises of all time and is made by video game developer Kojima Studios under the guidance of legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima. An action adventure / shooter game with a heavy emphasis on stealth, Metal Gear has been popular ever since the first game on MSX, but saw a massive rise in popularity with the Metal Gear Solid series on Playstation consoles.


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Metroid is a classic and highly popular series of Nintendo games in which you play as Samus Aran as she journey’s through space. There have been tons of different games in the Metroid series, with many of them being critically acclaimed. The original Metroid games began as a cross between Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, merging the platform and puzzle genres. These were heavily improved upon when Metroid Prime was released for Gamecube.


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Mass Effect

Mass Effect became one of the most popular series of games over recent years with its unique blend of sci fi, RPG gameplay and shooter aspects. It took these three highly popular themes and merged them together into one unforgettable gaming experience. You play as Commander Shepard as he travels across the galaxy in an attempt to save everyone from the evil Reapers. On your journey you will make important decisions that will influence the eventual outcome of the game.


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Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is largely based around cooperative gameplay and uses Valve’s Source game engine. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and centres around four survivors who must battle their way through hordes of zombies. There are five campaigns in which the goal is to survive and to escape. The game uses AI Director 2.0, an artificial intelligence engine to create procedurally altered AI that changes depending on the way you play the game.


25 Games Like Wolfenstein The New Order


Wolfenstein The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a FPS game and successor to the retro (and recent flop) Wolfenstein games. Made by video games developer MachineGames and published by Bethesda, Wolfenstein The New Order is a first person shooter for XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 and PS4.

The game is set in a fictional 1960s in which the Nazi won the Second World War. William B J Blazowicz is charged with launching a counter attack against the Nazis to reclaim the world.


25 Games Like Just Cause 2


Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is a game from video game developer Avalanche Studio ant fall into the action-adventure genre. Just Cause 2 runs on the Avalance 2.0 video game engine. The game is set on the opposite side of the world to its predecessor, locating players in Panau, an island in Southeast Asia. You play Rico Rodriguez as he tries to overthrow Pandak Baby Panay, an evil dictator.


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Half Life

Half Life is a first person shooter from video game developer Valve Software and was originally released in 1998. In the game you play as Dr Gordon Freeman, a physicist and MIT graduate. After a multi-dimensionsal experiment foes wrong and generated a resonance cacase, Freemand is forced to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility. You must battle your way through soldiers, alien invaders and an elite Black Ops detachment in order to save the world from the invasion.


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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon is a franchise of first person and third person shooters based on books by writer Tom Clancy. The games are specifically designed to create a realistic simulation of military combat. In the game, Ghosts, a special operations team of elite troops, fight their way through a corrupt government hell bent on creating war throughout the world. The games are slow, methodical and tactical, creating a more realistic sense of combat than most shooter games. In the first five games in the series, players controlled a team of elite soldiers


25 Games like Gears of War


Gears of War

Third person shooter Gears of War is one of the most popular series of games over recent years and received excellent reviews for its innovative take on the shooter genre. Originally released for XBox 360 and later for PC, Gears of War sold over 4 million copies to become one of the most successful games of recent times.

Gears of War uses an over the shoulder perspective in third person to create a game that puts you right into the heart of the action. The cover mechanic is one of the most important parts of the gameplay, allowing you to hide behind various objects and to fire safely.


25 Games Like Black

games like black


Black is a classic PS2 and XBox first person shooter that was made by video game developer Criterion games and published under EA . It was later released as an XBox Live game in February of 2008. The entire purpose of Black is to faithfully recreate guns. Black is full of realistic and highly detailed gun models which you can use to blow up destructible environments in a complete over the top way not dissimilar to a Hollywood action movie.