25 Games Like Age of Empires 3 Online

Age of Empire

Age of Empire is one of the most popular online real time strategy games and was created by video game developer Ensemble Studios. The original Age of Empire was released in 1997. With excellent video game design, the Age of Empires series achieved a huge following with thousands of players online at any time.

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Any more Great Games Like Company of Heroes…?

Company of Heroes
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Company of Heroes is an excellent and realistic real time strategy game that was originally released in 2006. Developed by THQ and released for Windows and Mac, Company of Heroes became one of the go-to games for anyone looking for an alternative to Command and Conquer. It’s realistic wars, based on rel life events like D Day, made for one of the most engrossing RTS games of all time. Because of this it received very positive reviews, averaging 94%.

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Games Like Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 is one of the best fantasy role playing games of all time and is similar to Blizzard’s other RTS game StarCraft. Warcraft 3 became one of the most popular games in the world and is still played by millions even years after its release. With four races, each with their own in depth story, there’s a lot of longevity in the game.

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Games Like Stronghold


Stronghold is a real time strategy game in a medieval time period full of war. Stronghold was released way back in 2001 while this chap, writing this, was at uni studying video game design. Sigh, times change. Anyway. . .

Stonghold saw later released Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Kingdoms that are the same basic set-up as the original but with minor shifts in the gameplay.

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Games Like Starcraft 1 and 2 for PC, Mac, Android, PS3, XBOX 360 And More


StarCraft is a real time strategy games (perhaps the real time strategy game) made by video game developer Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1998. Since then it has become one of the most played and most highly reviewed RTS games of all time. In the game you play as one of three races. Each of those races has its own technology and skills and are better in some ways than in others.

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Games Like Rome Total War (RTW)

Rome Total War

Rome Total War is a strategy game by video game developer Creative Assembly ad was originally released in 2004. The game’s campaign mode is set in late Roman times and you play as one of three families (factions) once you have unlocked them. The gameplay in Rome Total War is a real time strategy game with turn based strategies.

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Games Like Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Rise of Nations is a classic real time strategy game that was originally released in 2003 and subsequently improve upon through expansion packs. The popularity of Rise of Nation also led to the released of a fantasy version of the game in 2006.

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Games Like Red Alert

Red Alert

Command and Conquer: Red Alert is a class real time strategy game by Virgin Interactive, originally released in 1996. In the games you fight as an army and must make strategic decisions in real time in order to win the war.

When Red Alert was originally released it received overwhelming positive reviews for its strategy gameplay and its excellent interface. You could queue commands and create units of troops that you could then assign to a number key. This allowed you to control multiple units at one time. It was also highly praised for its multiplayer, which is one of the best competitive online games of all time.

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Games like Evil Genius

Evil Genius

When Evil Genius was released way back in 2004 it produced one of the most unique and intriguing real time strategy games n the market. It became famous for it combination of humour and, with quality traditional real time strategy game mechanics, became one of the best games in the entire genre.

Evil Genius is all about trying to take over the world from your lair of evil. Your lair is like your base of operations, the place from which you conduct your evil exploits. From here you will send out your minions and have them perform all kinds of evil around the world. MWA HA HA HA HA! As you conduct evil the story will progress and your character will level up in typical RTS fashion.

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25 Games Like Empire Earth

Empire Earth
Empire Earth is a classic strategy game and is very similar to the games like Age of Empire, Age of War and other games, which you can find below. What make Empire Earth such a great game is the amount of strategy involved in the gameplay. Thanks to its excellent strategic game design, Empire Earth very quickly became a hugely popular game with many millions of players around the world. It is an important part in the evolution of the strategy game.

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25 Games Like Dragon Age on PC, PS3, XBox 360 and More

Dragon Age

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, OS X
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DragonAge is a series of action-oriented fantasy RPGs that are spiritual successors to Baldur’s Gate. It is one of the biggest franchises from video game developer BioWare. Games in the Dragon Age series are based in the 9th age of the Dragon Age universe, when dragons, which were once thought extinct, have now taken over and are running rampage through the world leaving area in ruin. The land is full of war, whether they be political, religious, racial hatred or other kinds of wars.

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25 Games Like Black and White 2

Black and White

b> Platforms: Windows
Black and White is a classic retro real time strategy game (RTS) from Lionhead Studios (who also made Fable). It is one of the games that made game designer Peter Molyneux a legend. You play a newborn god who must tend to the needs of mortals by using a crafting system. You’ll need to manage your population and govern your creatures. Your actions will be judged by the game’s morality system and as you continue to play the architecture and the visual design of your world will change dependent on your actions.


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20+ Games Like AirMech for Android, iOS and More

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
AirMech is a RTS (real time strategy) game which is free to play. AirMech was heavily influenced by the classic Herzog Zwei, one of the best strategy games of all time. Released on Google Apps in 2012 it later was released on Steam. It is free to play, but has many microtransactions availabble.

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25 Games Like Age of wonders

Age of Wonder


Age of Wonder is a series of games in the fantasy strategy genre, which has seen several different installations. Created by video game developer Triumph Studios, who are famous for their work on the Overlord series of games, Age of Wonders is fantasy strategy game with excellent tactical combat, simultaneous turns and a narrow focussed style of empire management. Other games like Age of Wonder include Age of War and Age of Empires.


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25 Games Like Stormfall Age of War / Stormfall Age of War Type Games

Stormfall Age of War
Stormfall Age of War is a Facebook strategy game created by game developer Plarium. It is a mid-core strategy game in which you must build your own castle town by raiding the AI installations and taking part in multiplayer combat. The plot of Stormfall: Age of War is minimalist and takes players through a series of campaigns narrated by a sarcastic adviser. There are lots of different mechanics to get to grips with, as there are in most strategy games, and there are many tutorials to help you get to grips with things.

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25 Games Like Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, DOS, Macintosh operating systems, MS-DOS
Dungeon Keeper is a strategy and simulation title that is pretty easy to get into and play. Your character has been cast from high up back to the bottom rung of the ladder by his traitorous girlfriend. Now, you’re hellbent on revenge and will do all in your power to ensure you reclaim the top position and rule over the dungeons.

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