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Final Fantasy VIII Needs To Be Remade Too!

Rinoa fro mFinal Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy VII is being remade. And that is absolutely amazing news. 

I’ll always remember how I felt when Square announced the Final Fantasy VII remake. Tears were streaming down my face. Finally it was going to happen. After so many years of dreaming, Final Fantasy VII was going to be remade. I shouted “Yes!” at the top of my lungs. My housemates stared at me and asked what’s up. I told them. They laughed. They just didn’t get it. They didn’t understand why this announcement meant so much. But this was a truly special event. People remember precisely where they were when we landed on the moon. We’ll remember precisely where we were when they announced that Final Fantasy VII would be remade.

Obviously, we are all extatic about the Final Fantasy VII Remake


I damn near cried when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced

But  Final Fantasy VIII deserves a remake every bit as much as VII does

Square have done the right thing in remaking Final Fantasy VII. No question about that. It’s one of the greatest games of all time. But a lot of people, myself included, actually prefer Final Fantasy VIII. Final Fantasy VIII was an absolute classic. When someone asks me what my top 5 games of all time are, I’ll always put Final Fantasy VIII near the top.

For starters, Final Fantasy VIII has the best story Square’s ever written.

Final Fantasy VII has a truly spectacular story. It’s full of amazing characters. Cloud and Aerith are definitely two of my favourite characters of all time. But Final Fantasy VIII has an unforgettable setting and some of the best character development in any game ever. It’s packed full of unforgettable scenes too:

rinoa and squall from final fantasy viii

Final Fantasy VIII is packed full of memorable moments

There are so many beautiful moments in Final Fantasy VIII

The scene where Rinoa floats off into space and Squall tries to reach her. You can hear Rinoa’s breath running out. Then there’s no more. Squalls ring floats up as she passes out.

The moment when you get the ship. Rinoa floats into Squalls lap and then here comes freaking Faye Wong with Eyes on Me.

And that fateful shot that Irvine took. It had my heart beating hard.

Just look at these cutscenes. Beautiful.

A remake would really bring all those stunning Final Fantasy VIII moments to life  

Final Fantasy VIII made the PS1 absolutely shine. That opening sequence with Squall and Seifer fighting. Beautiful. Iconic. When they steer Balamb Garden into Fishermans Horizon. There are so many breathtaking scenes.

But one of the problems with Final Fantasy VIII was the fact that the technology didn’t really have the power to show the story in all its glory. Just imagine what a remake would do. It would truly bring the story to life.

final fantasy viii characters

Final Fantasy VIII has the best characters in the series



Plus, Final Fantasy VIII’s characters are the best in the series. If Cloud and Aerith are getting remakes then Squall and Rinoa deserve remakes too. 

In my mind the character development in Final Fantasy VII was absolutely perfect. There really aren’t that many games where I really care about the characters. But I was completely captivated by the characters in Final Fantasy VIII. I lived right through the romance of Squall and Rinoa. And honestly, that romance was done so much better than Cloud and Aerith’s. And what about Irvine? He’s surely one of the best characters of all time. His coldness, his woman chasing… there were so many characters in VIII and all of them were near perfect.

A Final Fantasy VIII remake probably wont happen. But we can dream. 

Obviously there isn’t much chance of a Final Fantasy VIII remake actually happening. But at least it seems possible now. Just think, only a month ago we all thought Final Fantasy VII would never be remade. That’s happening. So why not VIII? If the Final Fantasy VII remake does well for itself then surely Square would at least consider remaking VIII.  And if they do… oh boy… that announcement would be another moment I would never forget.

I can’t wait for the Final Fantasy VII remake. But if VIII was remade I’d basically cry myself into a state of total and utter ebullience.


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Abobo’s Big Adventure begins with the main character’s son being kidnapped. The game then proceeds to parody many different retro games, ranging from Double Dragon to Super Mario Bros to Zelda and beyond.


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