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Remember Me Game Enemies Trailer | Trailers for 5th April

   Remember Me’s new game trailer shows off combat and enemies. With one of the most unique game worlds and one of the most interesting stories to be seen in gaming in years, Remember Me is looking like an exciting prospect. Will its combat be as good as the rest of the game? Let us know your opinion below.        1 of 5       

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Latest News on Capcom’s Remember Me, Featuring Nilin, Gameplay and Combat Updates

Capcom’s Remember Me not only has Nilin (one heck of a cool character) and a slick cyberpunk style, it’s got some pretty darned inventive gameplay too, as these interview notes reveal.   Capcom’s Remember Me: The Latest Revelations from Interviews At the beginning of the game, Nilin doesn’t know who she is and has to discover the truth about herself and the world she is in. Nilin will have access to many different combos, which can also be customised. The combos are easy to perform but combat requires a lot of strategy. The story will be told through the environment....