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New Turtle Added to Turtles 2014 Movie


*+-Today it has been confirmed that a new turtle has been added to The Turtle 2014 movie. Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo aren’t too happy about it. . .

Games Like Pokemon: Mystic Guardians


*+-Mystic Guardians is the best game like Pokemon available on Facebook. As expected, you must journey through the world collecting various monsters, who are known as guardians. Once you have captured your monsters you get to become a Guardian Trainer. Pretty much everything about this game is like Pokemon. You’ll know exactly what’s going on… Read more »

Games like Pokemon: Minmonsters


*+-Minomonsters quests you to create a team of monsters. You must find your monsters, train them, team them together and then fight them against other teams. Minomonsters also contains a large story to get into too. By completing certain quests you will unlock new areas to play in, making for literally hours of gameplay.  

Mighty Monsters: Games Like Pokemon

*+-The first of out games like Pokemon is Mighty Monsters. This game like Pokemon is for iPhone and IPad Mighty Monsters allows you to find and use different monsters, just like Pokemon. The monsters are really awesome too. They range from a rabbit that throw ninja stars to a fire-breathing dragon. You can catch, train… Read more »

Games Like Pokemon Online For PC, iPhone and Consoles


*+-We’ll cover the best games like Pokemon online and for PC, iPhone and consoles on the next page, but first let’s take a look at the history, cultural relevance and staggering popularity of games like Pokemon.   The History of Pokemon and Games Like Pokemon Nintendo create the Pokemon franchise back in 1996 as a… Read more »