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25 Games Like Adventure Town for iOS, Android and PC

games like adventure town

*+- Adventure Town

Adventure Town is a city building game with RPG elements. You begin with a small town, build it up and then use your team of heroes to defend your town from the hordes of enemies that attack. Adventure Town is a very popular game because of its combination of RPG elements, city building and cutesy cartoon graphics.

In terms of video game design, there isn’t really that much to make Adventure Town stand it. It’s a basic city building town in which your heroes defend the people of your homeland.

25 Games Like ABCYA

games like abcya


ABCYA is one of the top websites when it comes to providing free educational video games for kids and children. The activities on ABCYA are designed to help kids to learn and are designed for elementary level students.

One of the best things about ABCYA is that every activity on the website has been created by actual teachers. This means that you can rest assured that your kids are playing truly helpful and encouraging games that provide a positive influence. The games available on ABCYA are free too and are modeled on the lessons kids take in elementary education. The purpose of the game is to support kids studies in schools.

Let’s Support: Forma.8, an Upcoming Space Exploration Game

forma 8 indie game

*+- Forma 8 is an upcoming new space exploration game from Mixed Bag, a (self described) “Little indie developer based in Turin, Italy.” With Metroid like themes and gameplay, and graphics reminiscent of Another World, we reckon Forma.8 is worthy of your support. In Forma.8 you play as a little exploration probe that is stranded on… Read more »

Games With Physx | Games That Use Physx

*+-We reveal the best games with Physx (games that use Physx engine by NVidia). BEGIN Games With Physx | Games That Use Physx HERE This list reveals the best games with Physx–the best games that use Physx, NVidia’s realtime proprietary physics engine. The Physx engine are available on all major machines including WII, XBOX 360,… Read more »

2 Defcon | Games with low system requirements


*+-Number 2 in our list of the best games with low system requirements is Defcon, a real time strategy game like Civilization in which you battle against enemies in the thermonuclear conflict that almost resulted from the Cold War. 2 Defcon | Games with low system requirements                … Read more »

6: Retro Games with low system requirements


*+-Because all retro games were released at a time when PCs had worse specs than they do now, you’ll easily be able to play most retro PC games on your machine, regardless of your system’s specs. Some of the best retro PC games include: Secret of Monkey Island: Classic point n click adventure game with lots… Read more »

Best Games with Low System Requirements


*+-Games with low system requirements are highly popular at the moment because, let’s face it, we don’t all have the world’s best graphics cards in our systems, and that’s especially true if we’re using our office PC. Types of Games with Low System Requirements Thankfully, there are tons of truly great games with low system… Read more »