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The Awesomeness Of PC Gaming That Those Console Paupers Can’t Fathom


PC Gaming is awesome. And though I’ve been a console player for 31 years now, I’ve got to say: There’s a ton of ways in which PC gaming is just straight-up better than console gaming.

PC Gaming’s a beautiful thing. It puts a man in control of his gaming

Mathew McConaughey’s been on PCs since… oh…  long before anyone paid him to do it. He didn’t do it to be cool. He didn’t do it to make a statement. He just liked it.

Real men prefer PC because they want to take control.

Console gamers get everything spoon-fed to them.

They sit there with their mouths wide open waiting for a developer to feed them their latest cuisine. And they’re all fed precisely the same thing. Their games are always precisely the same because they’re all running on the same hardware. It’s Attack Of The Clones all over again. Same hardware, same controller…

The PC gaming master race is all about individuality. It’s like madis gras. We celebrate the differences. Our set-ups are beautifully individual. A PC is a reflection of its owner. What does a console reflect? Conformity? Blandness?

There comes a time in a man’s life when he casts aside the consoles, when he head to Future Shop with pride and picks himself up a damn good PC. It’s a right of passage, like circumcision is to Jewish people. Remove the stone of shame. Attach the stone of triumph. 

Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? PC gamers do. PC gamers do.

simpsons stonecutters we do we do

Wise man once said, “You can see the reflection of a man’s soul in the PC he builds for himself”. All right no one said that except me, but I’m pretty wise so deal with it. Point is this: your PC is yours

You’re completely in control of your own PC. It’s like building your own house or customising your car. When you create your own PC (or mod your own PC) you’re creating something that’s yours.

Your PC is something you’re proud of because you put time and effort into it. No console gamer can possibly understand that.

Talking ‘bout making gaming your own, what about those mods…

Console gamers are excited when a game includes customisation option, level editors and etc. Here’s the thing, fool: You can mod virtually every game ever on PC. Don’t like your character’s costume? Mod it. Want to see a different kind of level? Make it.

Want to see Thomas The Thank Engine fly in The Elder Scrolls?! PC gamers can do that. 


PC gaming puts you closer to the developer because you, like them, get to be creative. Just take a look at the sheer amount of Skyrim mods. There’s a whole community of Skyrim modders on PC, and they’re constantly creating awesome new content. Every day there’s something new and brilliant on the Skyrim Reddit.

You can mod on consoles too… pah, you can if you want to anyway. XBox 360 modders have a pretty decent community. But it pales in comparison to the modding community on PC.


And thanks to that modding community, old games are constantly being revived on PC when they’re dead and buried on console

When a game dies on console it’s dead. Gone. Buried. Won’t ever rise again. But on PC? Modders constantly revive old games and produce new content that keeps older games fresh. They take those corpses of games pass, go all Frankenstein on them and eh voila! you’re game’s alive again.

The modding community truly matters, because it brings PC gamers closer to the developers. Modders play an instrumental role in the creation and maintenance of games. It’s like PC gamers are part of the team where console gamers are just spectators.

And then there’s the simple fact that games are better on PCs.

Provided you have a high quality gaming rig, a good graphics card and sound card, and a great gaming mouse and keyboard combo, then games will be better on your PC than on console. And that’s always going to be the case because new hardware hits PCs first, meaning PCs are always one step ahead of the game.

pc gaming master race

Long story short: PC gaming puts you closer to the gaming community, closer to devs, and more in control of your games.

Console gamers, honestly, just grab yourself a great PC setup and join the community. It’s a more thriving, creative place.

pc gaming master race




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