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You ever notice how everyone in Zelda is a total jerk?


Spent your childhood running around Hyrule? Beat up some chicken? Broke some jars? Captured the Master Sword? Well hey, listen. Did you ever notice how everyone in Hyrule is a total JERK?!   Like this kid. You’re trying to save the world. Kid comes running at you with the biggest booger you’ve ever seen in… Read more »

Women in Zelda. They’re kinda fuqed when you think about it

link and zelda meme

Poor Link. He’s just idly minding his own business. He’s taken a stroll out of Kokiri village for the first time ever. Suddenly this chick comes charging at him on horseback. First time she sees him she throws him the most important item in the whole world. Then she demands he save her entire kingdom.     So he starts saving… Read more »

Someone Unknown Put Evil Music In Splatoon, And Nintendo Have No Clue Where It Came From

nintendop splatoon final boss music

Splatoon might just be haunted. Nintendo’s kid friendly, oh so cheerful third person shooter game has a sinister secret. The soundtrack has been “haunted”. Splatoon is a super happy game that is typically Nintendo—meaning it’s about as harmless as a knife made of butter. But at times the soundtrack holds some surprise nightmarish, evil, twisted,… Read more »

How Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product Will Work

nintendo qualitty of life 4

We’ve had an eclectic mix of products since the inception of the gaming industry. Kinect, OCZ’s Neural Impulse Activator (which lets you blow people up using the amazing power of your mind), the Raildriver Train Cab Controller (because no one wants to play a train game without a realistic driver’s cabinet…) and now the Nintendo… Read more »

Why Is Nintendo Partnering With Facebook on Super Mario Maker?

super mario bros maker

This is probably the weirdest bit of gaming new you’ll hear today. Nintendo have announced that they will be partnering with Facebook in order to promote Super Mario Maker and also to create new content at launch. Nintendo posted two tweets that were soon afterwards deleted. Here’s what the tweets said:   Nintendo is partnering with… Read more »

Is This It? Are We Breaking Up With Nintendo?

nintendo e3 cosplay costumes

Nintendo is suffering from post E3 blues right now. Obviously E3 wasn’t exactly a great time for them. Their press conference failed to impress anyone and even Nintendo fans have been left wondering what’s gone wrong for the once big “N”. The Japanese games publisher held its 75th annual investor meeting on June 26, in… Read more »

Game Over For Club Nintendo. System to be Replaced

club nintendo not working

Out of nowhere , Nintendo has announced that its reward system for buying original products (better known as Club Nintendo), stop working in the middle of this year. For each console or game users purchased, they were supposed to be given points on their account at the end of each month. They could then redeem… Read more »

Zelda Wii U Is So Close You Can Feel The Master Sword In Your Hands Right Now


GameStop Italy  seem to be privy to some Nintendo inside information. They’ve started advertising Zelda Wii U with a spring date.  Nintendo has so far only confirmed that Zelda Wii U will be arriving in 2015 , but did not specify anything else. In fact, it makes sense for Zelda Wii U to come out at Christmas market , where the company usually reap higher sales. Launching Zelda Wii U  before then could suggest that Nintendo are changing their overall release plans. If Zelda is releasing early, it’s highly likely another game will be pushed back. Which game could that be… it remains to be seen.

25 Games Like Advance Wars for GBA, DS, PC and Steam

games like advance wars

Advance wars

Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game (TBS) made by Nintendo originally for the GBA and then for DS, PC and Steam. It was originally released back in 2001 and finalyl in europe in 2002.

Advance Wars is the first game in the series and was followed by Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GBS) and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and Advance Wars: Dual Strike and for the Nintendo DS.