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Why The Next Playstation and Xbox will be “Mobile Consoles”

mobile gaming vs console gaming

*+-The future of gaming is mobile. Honestly we’ve heard that line so many times over the past few days that we’re already sick of it. The news that Square Enix has taken the money-paved road and decided to focus on mobile gaming caused shockwaves around the world. Then Konami followed suit stating that their future… Read more »

Is It Moral For King And Microsoft To Do This To Candy Crush Addicts?


*+-Candy Crush Saga. It’s a game that was custom designed to be addictive. As has been well documented, King intentionally created Candy Crush in a way that would hack people’s brains. As science writer Dana Smith (PhD Neuroscience, University of Cambridge) says, “Candy Crush game exploits some well known weaknesses in the human brain to… Read more »

25 Games Like Hill Climb Racing for PC, Android, iPad and More


*+- Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb Racing is a racing game which is highly addictive and extremely entertaining, using physics to create hilarious gameplay. You play as Newton Bill and you must use your driving skills to reach new levels by performing all kinds of daring tricks and strategic moves. But there are dangers aplenty. Not only can you run out of gas but you can also flip over and break Newton’s neck.

Games Like Farmville: The Best Farming Games


*+-IN this list of games like Farmville we’ve covered some of the best farming games in the world. If you’re one of those people who always longed to have acres of land rolling out your back door, filled with cows, chickens and corn, then this list of games like Farmville is exactly what you want. Here… Read more »