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Why The Next Playstation and Xbox will be “Mobile Consoles”

mobile gaming vs console gaming

The future of gaming is mobile. Honestly we’ve heard that line so many times over the past few days that we’re already sick of it.

The news that Square Enix has taken the money-paved road and decided to focus on mobile gaming caused shockwaves around the world. Then Konami followed suit stating that their future lies with mobile. Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid… they’re all going mobile.

These decisions should not have come as a surprise. The sheer amount of capital available in the mobile market is staggering. Mobile is the way of today… and possible the way of tomorrow too.
“Mobile is where the future of gaming lies,” says Hideki Hayakawa [Konami President].

The real reason developers are taking up mobile is because of the payment scheme. Mobile gives developers access to gamers 24/7, not just when they have the console turned on. That means gamers can choose to purchase content whenever they like. Add to that the speed and ease of buying content via mobile, and what you’re left with is a product custom-built for impulse purchasing. You suddenly feel an urge to buy a game or an in-game product, and within thirty seconds you’ve done so and your money is with the developer.

This payment scheme and constant access to gamers is the reason why mobile is currently so lucrative. But the idea that mobile gaming will completely overtake console gaming is far-fetched. Yes, at the moment mobile is more lucrative… at the moment. But everyone seems to be forgetting that Sony and Microsoft are two of the richest and most powerful companies in the world. They are not about to let their crowns slip. And not to mention, both companies are host to some of the most talented creative individuals in the world.

Logically… even obviously… Microsoft and Sony will adapt their own business plans. They themselves will take advantage of the pay-to-play and 24/7 access models. Without doubt, these models will create the backbone of what will become the next Playstation and Xbox “consoles”.

The new Xbox and Playstation consoles will inevitably pack-in all the essentials of the mobile platform, and also pack in the best of the consoles features, becoming “mobile consoles”.

It might seem logical to question just how Playstation and Xbox can compete with the mobile space. The truth is they don’t need to. Both are brands with a very loyal market. Gamers won’t jump ship from brands they’ve come to know and love without a very good reason.

Mobile added gaming to become “Mobile gaming”. Microsoft and Sony are about to do the same in reverse, taking the best aspects of mobile and the best aspects of their own consoles in order to create “Mobile Consoles”.

Xbox and Playstation are powerful brands. Powerful brands do not die. They evolve.



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