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Hideo Kojima Is The Most Overrated Game Designer Ever


That’s what one of my Facebook friends posted earlier today: Hideo Kojima is the most overrated game designer ever.

My initial reaction was to laugh out loud. Because really, how could Hideo Kojima possibly be overrated? He’s given the world some of the best games of all time. Metal Gear Solid is practically untouchable, and for we true Kojima fans Zone Of The Enders is also a work of genius. So how could Kojima possibly be overrated?!

The same guy continued to argue that every none-MGS game that Kojima has made was below average. Obviously he’d never played Penguin Adventure

It occurred to me that this guy might not be the only person to not recognise Hideo Kojima’s brilliance. I thought I’d correct that issue.

Why Hideo Kojima is the master of game design. Top 3  reasons.

  1. 1. Because Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest franchises in the history of gaming

The original Metal Gear was probably Kojima’s most important game of all time. But Metal Gear Solid is the series that really cements his legacy.

Metal Gear Solid is simply one of the benchmark series in the history of gaming. There’s so much that makes it amazing: the gameplay is pure gold, the stories rival the best of Hollywood, the production values are second to none… and when it’s all said and done, Metal Gear Solid will be remembered as the single most influential stealth game of all time.

And then there’s my personal favourite aspect of MGS: All those times Kojima broke the third wall, the most memorable of which being when Psychomantis took over your controller. Sheer gold. It shows the imagination and creative of one of the genuine masters in game design.





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