12 Games Like Agario And Slither.IO You Need To Play Now

Agar.io and Slither.io

Agario and Slither are two really great puzzle games that you can play for free online in your browser. They’re puzzles game in which you play as a snake that must move around a maze collecting objects in order to grow. Did you ever play Snake for the old Nokia phones? Same deal. And just as much fun. These classic-snake style games will take you back to the time when phone screens were shockingly green and when phones could only do two colours (one a sort of gone-off-lime style green). Awesome stuff.

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Indie Game Review: Cube & Star: A Love Story

Cube and Star

In Cube & Star: A Love Story you play a colourless young cube who must journey into the world to live his own life. You are cast out, away from your too cloistered existence, into the depth of the world, a monochrome landscape.

As you discover the world you will come into contact with different objects, which drop colour staining you—the abstract expression of the cube’s self discovery through outside influence. Each experience drains you, leaving you needing to replace colour as you search for the meaning of your existence in the wide world.

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