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Art Game: The Game About Art


*+- Art Game, a game about art, is the next title in our series of the worlds most interesting games. Read about Art Game below, or hit next for the next most interesting game. Art Game: The Game About Art The debate about whether games can constitute art has been long and ultimately stupid (because of… Read more »

Rage Control: Game About Anger


*+-The first of our most interesting games is a game about anger called Rage Control, which is designed (and has been proven to be effective at) enabling children to better control anger. Read about RAGE CONTROL, the game about anger below or hit next. Rage Control: Game About Anger Rage Control was designed as a… Read more »

The Worlds Most Interesting Games


*+-In this article we’ll be celebrating the most interesting games in the world. You won’t find  RPGs, First Person Shooters, Fighting Games and other conventional genres of games here. You will, however, find  games about such diverse and interesting subjects as homelessness, depression, ethics, politics, fashion and other subjects? Comparatively few.  In this article we’re… Read more »