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First Person Dog Game Raises $17,000 in 4 days  

  Lincoln based indie game developer Clockwork Demon has raised over $17,000 in four days for its concept of a first person dog game. “We’re looking at a conversion rate of 15% from people who have seen the video,” said game designer Megan Vokal. “That’s pretty decent for a Kickstarter video.” Clearly understatement is something Clockwork Demon master in. The developer is currently focused on increasing exposure in order to gain the backing necessary to go ahead and create the game. The game is called Adopted (cute!) and it’s a first person game in which gamers play as a pet...

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Recommended Games Like Volgarr The Viking

Volgarr the Viking is a classic style side scrolling platform adventure in which you play as a viking warrior who must take down enemies as he journeys through various levels.