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 Jet Racing Extreme Will Make You Want To Stuff A Rocket In Your Exhaust


Jet Racing Extreme is a no bullshit, straight-up thrill-house of a game.

You’re given a supercar that’s powered by a rocket. And at that point you’re probably already thinking “hang on, why have I never stuffed a rocket in my car’s exhaust and seen how fast I can go?!”

Good question.

According to Jet Racing Extreme when you power your car via a rocket you’ll go at several hundred kilometres per hour. So that’s fine if you’re young and have the reflexes to control your vehicle but for old pensioner drivers we do not recommend it.

elderly driver at stop sign

We want to see a bunch of old people playing Jet Racing Extreme. It’d be hilarious.

Going at such a speed you’re obviously going to crash, and it’s here that Jet Racing Extreme shines, because it features a really neat damage system.

Jet Racing Extreme features a great damage model that creates a realistic sense of the damage you’re doing to your vehicle. You’ll get to completely destroy your car, but like a Duracell Bunny that thing will keep on going regardless. Even if you completely obliterate the back half of your vehicle you’ll still be able to keep on speeding thanks to the jets in the front of your car.

Stylistically a lot of this game actually looks like a serious time-trial racer. But the seriousness is entirely faked. It’s really all about blowing the crap out of your car. The car is built of destructible body parts (kinda like the old VX Golf I used to have, which fells to pieces all the time). If you want to pull off the real sh*t you’ll need to purchase car parts that won’t be destroyed so easy.

Making things more difficult is the sheer amount of crap that litters the tracks. There’s junk all over the place. It’s kinda like driving down the Russian Road in Yaroslavl, which is generally regarded as one of the worst roads in the world.

Russian Road in Yaroslavl

Russian Road in Yaroslavl is the worst road in the world.

What you’re left with in Jet Racing Extreme is a hilarious stunt game that pretends it’s a time-trial racer but is actually just for laughs. It’s all about enjoying the explosions and seeing how far you can go before your car gets completely blown to smithereens.

Jet Racing Extreme is still in the early stages, and there are just four tracks available in a single environment. That said, the area is intricate, with tracks that intersect and squiggle all over the desert landscape. There are curves, loops, ramps, and tons of junk all over the place making things difficult. Getting a good time comes down to knowing when to hit the boosters and hen to lay off. The thing is it’s just too tempting to let loose and end up totalling your vehicle.


This game is a total laugh. You should definitely give it a shot. Jump over to Steam and check out the game’s Greenlight page. I reckon you’ll be pretty impressed.



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