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Half Life Legend Gabe Newell Transmog...


When I read the news that indie game developer Powerhoof is going to make Gabe Newell (Hald Life creator) a playable boss I raised my hands in the air and clapped. I then looked for just about every “Like” button I could find and clicked every darned one of them. Honestly, making Gabe Newell a […]

AAA Studios Are Bewildered By A Frenc...

farming simulator xbox one ps4

The CEOs of AAA game studios are scratching their beards in bewilderment. They don’t understand how it could possibly have happened. French independent developer Focus Home Interactive, together with GIANTS Software, have gone and done what all the AAAs in the world couldn’t do: they’ve made the PS4 and Xbox One essential purchases. Paris-based Focus […]

First Person Dog Game Raises $17,000 ...

first person dog video game

  Lincoln based indie game developer Clockwork Demon has raised over $17,000 in four days for its concept of a first person dog game. “We’re looking at a conversion rate of 15% from people who have seen the video,” said game designer Megan Vokal. “That’s pretty decent for a Kickstarter video.” Clearly understatement is something […]

Recommended Games Like Volgarr The Vi...

volgarr the viking game

Volgarr the Viking is a classic style side scrolling platform adventure in which you play as a viking warrior who must take down enemies as he journeys through various levels.