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God of War Ascension Sales Show Gamers Demand Better

*+-God of War Ascenions’ disappointing sales figures show gamers demand more,  while Lara Croft. Tomb Raider sit at the top of the sales chart after genuinely renovating the series.  Kratos isn’t happy with God of War Ascensions sales figures. The game sold half of that of its predecessor. But then, given that Ascension did so little to innovate… Read more »

Three Video Game Characters and Franchises in Need of a Facelift


*+-Rebooting a game is the easy way for games developers to make a new game. After all, what could be easier than taking an already existing franchise, with its already existing fanbase, upgrading its graphics a little and releasing it as something new? Movies are famous for reboots. Whether its Bond, Batman or any one… Read more »

God of War Ascensions Gameplay and Combat Misses Mark: REVIEW


*+-Though you have the opportunity to show your skills through combat in God of War Ascension, you never really need to be particularly skillful. The challenge level is low and you’ll easily get through the game whether you fight like Mike Tyson or Peewie Herman. You won’t need to master the combat in order to… Read more »

God of War Ascension: Kratos Never Had It So Easy: REVIEW


*+-Is God of War Ascension a worthy entrant in gaming’s most asskicking series? Read our God of War Ascension review below. God of War Ascension Story Much like God of War Ascension’s box cover, the game starts with Kratos in chains.  Having broken his oath to Ares, Kratos is held captive by the Kindly Ones, the Furies.  To be… Read more »

God of War Ascension Nudity and Bobbies = CASH!


*+-God of War Ascension has gone and done that ever so intelligent and classy marketing ploy. .  .showing BOOBIES! HURRAH for boobies!     They learnt our secret! We all LOVE BOOBIES!      God of War Ascension nudity and boobies  

God of War Ascension: Kratos and The Principles of Power

*+-God of War’s Kratos is one of the most powerful characters of all time. He is the ultimate war machine, an icon of death, carnage and destruction. More importantly, Kratos is the perfect example of how a character (or a person) can communicate extreme power through image, body language and vocal tone. In this article… Read more »

The Best God of War Ascension Characters

*+-One of the absolute best parts of God of War Ascension, as with all god of War games, has to be the amazing character design. Here’s a look at the top 3 character designs for monsters in God of War Ascension God of War Ascensions Elephant Man Here’s a feller who sorely needs a nose job. The… Read more »

Top Game Rewards

*+-  Game Reward 4 Final Fantasy 7’s Death of Aeris   Overview: Gaming moments don’t get more emotional than this. In 1997, the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7 was a benchmark in terms of storytelling and artistry in games. Final Fantasy 7 fans cried their eyes out… and you did too, probably. Go… Read more »

The 5 Gaming Gifts That Keep On Giving

*+-Games As Psychology Lessons 3.1 The 5 Types of Game Rewards  If you have come to this article via“Games as Psychology Lessons 2”  then you will already have learned that in gaming, our every in-game action is fuelled by a sense of reward and that we are motivated to progress through a game by the belief that… Read more »

Powerful Games : God Of War Series

*+-  Top 9.5 Games That Make You Feel Powerful 7 : God of War Series Why It’s On The List :  You play a god.  Period. [hr] 1   2    3   4    5    6    7    8    9   9.5