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Final Fantasy VIII Needs To Be Remade Too!

Rinoa fro mFinal Fantasy VIII

Note:original version of this articlce posted on GameGents.com Final Fantasy VII is being remade. And that is absolutely amazing news.  I’ll always remember how I felt when Square announced the Final Fantasy VII remake. Tears were streaming down my face. Finally it was going to happen. After so many years of dreaming, Final Fantasy VII… Read more »

Our Study Shows that Playing RPG’s Expands Your Mind



Psychology / Psychological Benefits of RPGs in a nutshell:

-They develop mindfulness (a key psychological skill that is used in wide ranging fields from self help for depression to sports psychology)

-They develop creative thinking skills via puzzles (creative thinking is important to many jobs, from a career in teaching to Information Technology)

They train our minds to work progressively towards a goal

They are arguably the most relaxing form of game

– They teach our minds to spot how things will logically progress (important to both personal and professional life)


Psychological Benefits of RPGs

1: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core: The Price of Freedom

final fantasy 7 crisis core

 1: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Corse: The Price of Freedom Life isn’t exactly fair for Zack in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, having been experiment on for years and now being wanted dead for a cover-up.  The Price of Freedom perfectly suits the situation and the emotions of Zack. It begins with a lonely violin… Read more »

Top 10 Final Fantasy Songs, with Dissidia, Tactics and XII

final fantasy dissidia squall cloude terra

10: Final Fantasy Tactics Opening Final Fantasy Tactics has a truly beautiful opening cinematic, both visually and in its audio. The music is timeless and perfectly suits the images of the zodiac fading in and out. The theme is mysterious, giving the impression that something is amiss, which is certainly the case in the game’s… Read more »