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25 Games like Elder Scrolls for Android, iOS, PC and More


Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls have long been one of the best adventure / RPG games in the world, but when Skyrim hit they went to an all new high, offering a huge expansive world and a depth of gameplay like no RPG before.

What makes Elder Scrolls games so amazing is the amount of content and the attention to detail. All Elder Scrolls games offer a huge fantasy world with amazing stories and characters that hook you from beginning to end. If Tolkein had envisioned a video game, it would probably be The Elder Scrolls.

25 Games Like Dragon Age on PC, PS3, XBox 360 and More

games like dragon age inquisition morrigan

Dragon Age

DragonAge is a series of action-oriented fantasy RPGs that are spiritual successors to Baldur’s Gate. It is one of the biggest franchises from video game developer BioWare. Games in the Dragon Age series are based in the 9th age of the Dragon Age universe, when dragons, which were once thought extinct, have now taken over and are running rampage through the world leaving area in ruin. The land is full of war, whether they be political, religious, racial hatred or other kinds of wars.

Games Like Celtic Heroes for PC, iPhone, Android and More


Celtic Heroes

Celtic Heroe sis a free to play MMO RPG in 3D. It’s been critically acclaimed for both its deep gameplay and its awesome graphics. Quite rightly, it’s achieved a very healthy following with many thousands of fans online at any time. In Celtic Heroes you will play as one of many heroes and you’ll gradually upgrade your armour and elixirs while exploring various dungeons and castles full of enemies. There are many different quests to complete as you aim to save your home world of Dal Riata from a looming darkness.

Best Games About Dragons


Games about dragons have been popular every since the 80s, but perhaps that’s not surprising given that dragons are the most commonly depicted of all legendary creatures. Hit  the link below and we will reveal the absolute best games about dragons. BEGIN “Games about Dragons” HERE. One of the best games with dragons: Dragons of… Read more »

1 The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Best Dragon Games


Skyrim contains many dragons to be slain, including the hellacious Aluin. The epicness of the dragon fights, combined with the overall quality of the game makes Skyrim the absolute best dragon game of all time.     The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: The Best Dragon Game Ever The genius work of video game developer Bethesda Software,… Read more »

3 Monster Hunter | Best Dragon Games


 Monster Hunter comes in at number 3. . .  and as this list shows, Capcom pretty much own dragon games. . .    Capcom’s Monster Hunter weighs in at number 3 I had no idea quite how dominant Capcom were in the realm of dragon games until I made this list. . . Dragons Origins,… Read more »

4 Dragons Dogma | The Best Dragon Games


Dragon’s Dogma is a Dragon game that is half survival horror and half hack n slash.  Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma achieves a highly respectable 4th in our list of the best dragon games. Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma is an action RPG game developed and published by Capcom (who made many of the entrants in our list of… Read more »

5 Dragonvale by Backflip Studio | Best Dragon Games


 Dragonvale is the one and only simulation-style Dragon game in our list.  The 5th Best Dragon Game: Dragonvale Backflip Studios iOS and Android game Dragonvale is a simulation title and the only one of its kind in our list. The game is available for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android and is available through Google… Read more »

6 Dragon Age Origins | Best Dragon Games


 Coming in at number six is Dragon Age Origins, one of the most loved of all dragon games, but it’s not quite made our top 5.  Dragon Age Origins is one of the most loved dragon games in the world A third-person RPG, Dragon Age Origins is the creation of games develop BioWare Edmonton and… Read more »

7 Dawn of the Dragons | Best Dragon Games


Dawn of the Dragons is the first MMO on our list of the best dragon games and the only games that’s free to play   Dawn of the Dragons, the best Dragon-Related MMO I normally not a massive fan of free-to-play games simply because their marketing model leads people to begin playing, wherein they end… Read more »

8 Breath of Fire | Best Dragon Games


Capcom’s Breath of Fire SNES. PS1, PS2 and mobile devices is our 8th favourite dragon game.  Breath of Fire remains a favourite dragons game despite being originally released in 1993. Capcom’s Breath of Fire is a role playing game that began life on the Super Nintendo way back yonder in 1993. Since then its seen… Read more »

9 Spyro The Dragon | Best Games with Dragons


Spyro the Dragon is one of the few games on this list that makes dragons look cute.  Spyro the Dragon: Making dragons super cute Insomniac Games’ Spyro the Dragon is a Playstation platformer now available on PSN. In it you play as Spyro, a purple dragon (and one of the most popular dragons ever) who… Read more »

10 Legend of Dragoon | Best Games with Dragons


 Sony Computer Entertainment’s Legend of Dragoon was release for Playstation in 1999 and is still one of the best games with dragons today.   Now available on PSN, Legend of Dragoon is one of the best dragon games Despite mixed critical reception, Legend of Dragoon remains one of the best games for dragon lovers. The… Read more »

Top 10 Games with Dragons


There are tons of great games with dragons, as we will see in our list of the top ten games with Dragons that begins on the next page. One of the best games with dragons: Dragon Age Why Games with Dragons are so popular It’s no wonder that games with dragons are as popular as… Read more »

25 Games Like Dragons Dogma

dragons dogma hot

A traditionally flavoured fantasy world, decorated with unintuitive online features and a meaty action game in the middle, Dragon’s Dogma will have you scratching your head as you try to figure out just exactly what sort of game you’re sinking your teeth into. Worry not, though; RPP connoisseurs will leave feeling full and satisfied after this hot pot of gaming goodness.