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Dead Island Riptide’s Weapons and Guns Are Locked and Loaded

Dead Island Riptides weapons, guns and combat are a noticeable improvement from the 2011 title. While there is still focus on melee you’re given a ton more ammo this time around and when fighting hordes gun turrets play a significant role. A particularly nice touch to Dead Island Riptide’s weapons is the nail gun, which allows you to pick nails out of enemies to reuse.  Explosives and sonic weapons add a lot of fun too. Melee combat is very much the life and blood of Dead Island Riptide, with Australian John Morgan pounding the heck out of zombies with his...

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Dead Island Riptide Review: New Enemies, Old Characters

The first thing that smacked us in the face when we began reviewing Dead Island Riptide was the fact that it’s not really a sequel but an extension of the 2011 co-op shooter. The gameplay is nearly exactly the same and so are the cast of characters. So do we really need to continue this review of Dead Island Riptide or should we just refer to the earlier game? Eh let’s give Dead Island Riptide the review it deserves. What is new about Dead Island Riptide is the island and the enemies, plus a couple of important tweaks here and...