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Somehow, These Beautiful Women Dressed As Games Characters We Loved When We Were Kids Make Us Feel Kinda Wobbly


*+-Green Hill Zone, anyone? These ladies cosplaying as Sonic and Tails bring so many thoughts to mind. Tifa Lockhart. .. the only word that can express this is    Jill Valentine. Making zombie hunting look sexy since 1996.      Cannon Spike. Cannon Spike. Spinning birdie kick… Chun Li and Cammy.   Well clearly this… Read more »

Lads. Check Out These Girls Cosplaying As Video Game Characters


*+-All right lads. Don’t say we don’t ever do anything for you. Check out this latest bunch of girls cosplaying as video game characters. You owe us a pint. Let the cosplay ladies commence    They’ll be more of these ladies coming up soon lads. Join us on Facebook for more.