Rage Control: Game About Anger

The first of our most interesting games is a game about anger called Rage Control, which is designed (and has been proven to be effective at) enabling children to better control anger.

Read about RAGE CONTROL, the game about anger below or hit next.

Rage Control: Game About Anger


Rage Control was designed as a tool to help children suffering from serious anger management problems and was produces by a hospital in the US.

The game is like Space Invaders in that players shoot ships. What’s different about it is that it monitors the child’s heart-rate via a device placed on their finger. Any time the player gets too angry they are unable to shoot.  The key to winning the game is to stay calm so you can continue to shoot.

Research shows that Rage Control is very effective at helping children with anger management and is therefore (citation needed) the first truly successful game about anger management.

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