Miasmata Game Review–A work of Art To be Remembered

Sharps of light break down on you. At your feet you hear the squelching of the swamp land. Plant life of a rare variety is being choked in your hand as you run through the forest to safety, knowing al the while that a ferocious beast is hunting you. You have a map, but it’s incomplete. You gaze down at your compass and pray for your safety. Welcome to the world of Miasmata, an open-world survival game where you must find precious flora to turn to medicine.


Miasmata isn’t like regular games. Not only does it have a unique look, but a unique feel too. Movement is tricky, with even a tiny hill being enough to trip you up. It’s a most unique take on movement, one that makes you far more aware of your environments. You’ll need to watch your step. The creature hunting you is far faster than you. A fall could mean your life.

You’re welcomed to the island of Eden with a few brief sentences. You are Robert Hughes, a scientist who has contracted the plague. Your one chance at survival is to track down the healing plants of the island. To do so, you’ll journey through the open world map using landmarks to chart your position and motion.

The island is realistic despite some bizarre colour distortion (trees often appear blue, for instance). The sound of the birds and insects bring the land to life, pulling your imagination deep into the island of Eden. The music adds tension with a delightful score of ambient strings. All serves to create an evocative and memorable atmosphere. But best of all is the ever present threat of the terrible creature hunting you.

Miasamata is a work of art in the manner few games achieve. It delivers a message and meaning deeper than the scope of its brethren, a message of the fragility of life.

Miasmata is a masterful game that will remain with you long after a playthrough. Pick it up today. It will not disappoint.


Miasmata OVERALL: A out of B  (just joking,  5 out of 5)


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