Metal Gear Solid V Phantom of Pain Half Price For Ground Zero Purchasers

According to an anonymous tip-off we received today, Metal Gear Solid V Phantom of Pain might be sold for half price to people who bought Ground Zeroes. This news comes after Konami and Kojima Productions have been receiving damning reviews and bad PR for selling Ground Zeroes at an unreasonable price.

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes may have shipped over a million units, but the vast majority of players have expressed dissatisfaction due to game’s extremely short length.

If this anonymous tip-off is correct, then we have to applaud Konami and Kojima Productions. They certainly made a PR blunder with the pricing of Ground Zeroes, but if they’ve recognised their mistake and decided to make up for it, then more power to them.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom of Pain Trailer


Of course, if the anonymous tip-off is erroneous, then Konami and Kojima Productions will still be held under the firing line, with many blaming them of ripping-off loyal fans of their games.

It’s an interesting debate. Do Konami make Phantom of Pain cheaper for Ground Zeroes buyers, and make up for their mistake, or do they fail to address their PR issues? Only time will tell.

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