Making The Arthurian Legend Come To Life in The Order 1886

If The Order 1866 is to become a PS4 masterpiece, it must match the narrative brilliance of GTA V, The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite 


Gameplay and Graphics Aren’t Enough for The Order 1886

It must be tempting for a game developer working on a nextgen game to get too caught up in the graphics.

Graphics are the most obvious advancement in new consoles. Whether you’re playing a PS4 game or a XBOX One game, your first reaction, your first WOW, probably comes from the graphics.

But if the past year has taught us anything about gaming and about gamers, it’s that graphics aren’t enough. The bestselling games of 2013 (Grand Theft Auto 5, Beyond: Two souls, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us, in particular) all featured truly outstanding narratives.


For The Order 1886 to be the masterpiece that Ready at Dawn want it to be, and that Sony expect it to be—The Order 1886 being a major PS4 exclusive, and all—they’ll need to conjure the sort of gripping narrative and immersive atmosphere that all of 2013’s bestsellers achieved.

So, how exactly are Ready At Dawn setting about creating an amazing story with The Order 1886?

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