Islamic Extremists Call of Duty Shows Gamings Hypocrisy


Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor have long been banned in Pakistan for the way they portray the Middle East. Shown as terrorists hell bent on destorying civilization, perhaps that’s not surprising.

Now, however, the shoe has been put squarely on the other foot thanks to a new game, “Ismalic Mali.” The game, which was made by Islamic extremists, has players fighting on the side of al-Qaeda. The game depicts the conflict in Mali, where Jihadi soldiers and French military are fighting local rebel forces.

The game is causing quite the scene online, with many calling it evil. But really, is it that much different to Call of Duty, a game which is clearly racist and constantly has the player hunting down a terrorist in the Middle East? Both games are clearly in the wrong. But to call Islamic Mali evil and Call of Duty fine is straight-up hypocrisy.

Obviously, as politicians see it, both these games are going to inspire people to run out and shoot everyone, and (what actually does matter) both are racist.

So, is Islamic Mali worse than Call of Duty? Is it “evil?” Is Call of Duty evil? . .  .so many questions. Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.


Paul M Harrison

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