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Making a list of games with the be st graphics is no mean feat. After all, it’s hard to state exactly what “good graphics” are. For some, graphics are only about realism–the more realistic a game is the better its graphics are. But this opinion discounts a great many artistic games that intentionally use surrealistic graphics.

While a title in the Gran Turismo series might be said to be realistic, it isn’t neccessarily graphically better than the new indie game Badland, which employ an extremely artistic use of graphics in order to create an evocative atmosphere.

In our list of the games with the best graphics we’ve aim to include both games with extremely realistic graphics and games which use their graphics artistically to create a highly unique feel or look.

So, what’s the first game in our list of games with the best graphics?

Games with the best graphics #1: Killzone 3


Killzone 3 create a sense of realism with characters, environments and characters that look extremely solid. It also uses a unique art style that creates a highly unique and evocative atmosphere. Bathed in deep brown colours, Killzone 3 creates a moody atmosphere that really serves to get you hooked into the game’s world. It’s also full of amazing set-pieces that really leap out of the screen.


Games with the Best Graphics #2: Trine 2


Trine 2 is definitely one of the title in this list that falls into the artistic category of graphics. The art style in Trine 2 is extremely imaginative, with various scenes from beaches to forests coming to life with dazzling colour and exquisite detail.


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