The 10 Best Storylines in Games Ever. How Many Have You Played?


What are the absolute best stories in video games?

There are so many amazing video game stories, games with storylines that keep you playing right to the very end. From Uncharted 4 to Metal Gear Solid to Day Of The Tentacle, game developers have created some truly memorable stories.

But there are good stories and there are great stories. This list is about the latter.

In this list we’re going to be taking a look at games with stories so good they make Shakespeare sit up in his grave. Stories so good George Lucas and Steven Spielberg wish they could create movies like them.

From Bioshock to Half Life to Silent Hill, these are the best video game stories of all time.


10. Uncharted


With the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog intentionally set out to create a game that felt like a Hollywood movie. They succeeded in this aim with every Uncharted game. In the Uncharted stories, Nathan Drake sets off around the world looking for some piece of treasure or other which he invariably finds. Simple enough sounding story, right?

What makes Uncharted one of the best stories in games–and also makes Nathan Drake one of the best characters in games, is the voice acting.

Voice acting can often be pretty dodgy in gaming, but not so with Uncharted and Nathan Drake. Played by Nolan North, Nathan Drake’s character finds a great deal of depth and believably thanks to excellent acting.  Because of Nolan North’s work, the gamer believes in Nathan Drake, and when you believe in a game’s lead character, you believe in its story too.

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