25 Virtual Animal Games Like WolfQuest with Cats, Wolves and More



I love a game that reflect my real life interests. Nothing makes me happier than helping animals, especially cats (I have three).

If you show me a game that’s full of nature and animals, I will probably love it.

That’s why I love WolfQuest.

WolfQuest is a virtual world experience in which you play as a wolf. The game simulates the life of a wolf. Since its release in 2007 the game has found fans among both virtual world gamers and animal lovers. Best of all, the game has educated millions of people about wolves and the environment.

In WolfQuest the player plays a wolf and must explore an open world experience out in the wild. You’ll be able to customise your wolf how you like, choosing its fur colour, gender and name. You can play the game by yourself or you can team up with friends to form a wolf pack.

If you’re a fan of WolfQuest, I have a few suggestions for other games you’ll love.

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Feral Heart

Feral Heart is a truly beautiful game. It’s a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) that lets you take the role of various animals. It’s free to play and you can connect with other gamers via the game.

In Fearl Heart you create your avatar (an animal) and then explore a realistic nature environment. You have to live out the life of the animal, surviving and getting food. You’ll also get to make friends and form packs.

Take a look at the video.

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