20+ Games Like Warframe


About Warframe

Warframe is a free to play cooperative shooter that plays out in third person perspective. It was created by video game developer Digital Extremes for PC and PS4. The game is free to play but, naturally, there are lots of different items to purchase using the in-game currency.

warframe-excalibur-prime warframe-valkyr-prime warframe-wallpaper-art warframe-loki-prime

In the game you play as members of an ancient clan of warriors called Tenno. The Tenno have awoken after centuries of hibernation and now discover that they are at war with a race of clones called Grinners. Through the game you’ll be fighting the Tenno and many giant robots. But you’ll have tons of abilities and exo-armor to help you fight. You’ll also be fighting cooperatively in teams of four, completing missions and gathering data while assassinating targets. One of the coolest aspects of the game are the Warframes, bulletsuits that have specific abilities and statistics. You’ll also get to carry a primary weapon, secondary weapon and melee weapon. As you kill enemies you’ll earn points with which you can upgrade your weapons and armour.


Games Like Warframe

All right lads. Lets get to this thing. I’ve put together a ton of games like Warframe on all different consoles. There are Warframe type games for iOS and Android, Windows and Mac, PS3, PS4, XBox… the whole shebang. Some of them are free to play online with no download. Others are paid. Lock and load. Let’s go.


Arma 2  


arma 2 game

Arma 2 is a  military simulation video game by Bohemia Interactive Studio.


Metro Last Night

metro last night gam

Metro Last Night Metro Last Night is a horror shooter that will scare the hell out of you. The game features an excellent degree of realism and truly makes you believe that you are a part of the story. The plot is tied in to the story of Metro 2033. This time around, you are quested with finding the remnant Dark One and uncovering many plots and twists about the factions who are vying for control of a military facility. As with Metro 2033, Metro Last Night features a dark and sinister atmosphere designed to scare the hell out of you.


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