Games Like SAO (Sword Art Online)

In our list of tames like SAO (Sword Art Online) you’ll find many of the best visual novels and MMOs like Sword Art Online. Our readers are 100% in control of are lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you cast a vote on our site and help to move the game up our charts. We invite fans of SAO to share this page on Facebook and Twitter. 




Games like Sword Art Online by Genres and Themes


RPG: Love taking control of your characters, leveling them up and watching their stories develop? Then you’ll love all the titles in our collection of the Best RPG Games.


Strategic TBC: The game plays out in an expansive open world full of quests and monsters that total to more than thirty hours of playtime. you can also play with up to four players locally. Much of the game takes place in turn based battles in which you fight various monsters and opponents using different skills and attacks. The attacks performed via shortcut button commands. You’ll need to employ some strategic use of your powers to be victorious. For games with similar gameplay, see our choices for the best TBC games.


MMO : Other than this, SAO (Sword Art Online) is a fairly traditional Japanese style MMORPG with everything that you would expect from a game in the genre. The major difference is the beautiful cutscenes which provide more of a story than most MMOs. See our list of the best MMORPG games.



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