Games Like Plants VS Zombies

In this list of games like Plants VS Zombies we’ll be sharing the best tower defense games in the known universe. WE’ll cover game on PC, iOS, Android and other systems. Rest assured, all these video games are a) a lot like PLants vs Zombies and b) great.

Bookmark this page for updates. 

Games Like Plants VS Zombies  1: Plant THIS!

Plant This! is a great game for people who love both tower defence and gardeninng. It takes place in a garden full of terribly critters who are nibbling on your chrysanthemum and all that — cheeky goits! Your answer to their menace is to create a labyrinth, water it, then plant special flowers with magical powers (flower powers, I guess) which will defend the garden.

Games Like Plants VS Zombies  2: Garden Rescue

Yup, yet more gardening action. You can’t beat a spot of garden twoer defense. In Garden Rescue you’ll once again have to use special flowers to fend off the menaces ruining your garden. You’ll also earn coins and gradually upgrade.

Games Like Plants VS Zombies  3: Monster Mash

In Monster Mash–no not the song, the game–you find yourself in the charmingly beautiful Curly Valley, which would be all fine and dandy n all that if it weren’t for a bunch of monsters wrecking everything. The poor villagers of Curly Valley are quite beside themselves. You’re gonna have to sort it out by building your tower and defending it. So, yeah, pretty much the same as every other game on this list. .  .

Games Like Plants VS Zombies 4: The Creeps

Another game which is surprisingly like every other game on this list is The Creeps! You have to defend a garden full of ghosts n other spookie wrong-be-doers.

Anyway, to fight off those creepy sons-a-bit**es you’ll have to use your glue bottles, flshlights and toy blasters. You can also use a massive spider and a UFO. There are 30 levels, 3 themes and 3 game modes. So, tell those spooks who’s boss!

All right, those are the games MOST like Plants VS Zombies. But what happens if you want the same gameplay, but you don’t want your game set in the garden?. . . well, then you’re a picky little sod, aren’t you. .. oh, wait, no, sorry ..  .

If you want games like Plants VS Zombies but NOT set in a garden, you could check THIS OUT.   Or if you want garden games with different gameplay, check THIS OUT! 

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