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OSU! is a rhythm music game based on “Osu! Tatake! Ouendan!” which in the West is called Elite Beat Agents. The game features single and multiplayer, beatmap, level creation, chat and more.

In OSU! a song is played and you must perform different actions in time with the beat. A list of actions is given in sequential order and you must perform those actions to the music. The actions are: Spinners, Sliders and Hit Circles.

For Hit Circles you just click the circle specified when the circle on the outside light up. For this you’ll rake in 50, 100 or 150 points. For sliders you need to click and then drag the mouse along a path, for which you’ll nab 50 or 100 or 300 points. Finally, for spinners you need to move the mouse in a circle. Complete the spinner quickly enough and you’ll grab 1000 points.

OSU! is not too dissimilar to most other rhythm action games. For a list of games like OSU see below. Remember that all games on the site can be voted for and shared on Facebook and Twitter. When you vote or share a game you will influence our lists, perhaps moving your favorite game to the top of our lists.




Games like OSU!

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