Games Like Learn To Fly

In this list of games like Learn To Fly we’ll be looking at games with a similar kind of video game design to Learn To Fly. Most of these games are very much like LTF, with ramps and jumps and the goal of flying as far as possible. All of these games are high quality, many being designed by a video game developer who specialises in the genre.

If you’re a fan of games like Learn to Fly you’ll love THESE GAMES TOO.  

Games Like Learn to Fly

Games like Learn To Fly

Hedgehog Launch

Pirate Launch

Shopping Cart Hero

Toss the Turtle

Chuck the Sheep

(actually, looking at these game names you can probably just Google search “RANDOM ANIMAL” + “Jump / Toss / Chuck etc” and get a game XD

Burito Bison


If you’re a fan of games like Learn to Fly you’ll love THESE GAMES TOO.  

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