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We know. You love Knights And Dragons. So do we. You want to play more games like Knights and Dragons. Can’t blame ya. We’ve gone ahead and found every awesome game like Knight and Dragons and put them into a list below. There are games like Knights and Dragons for iOS, Android, Browser, Wii U, PC, PS4… you name it.

But how did we create Gree’s Knights and Dragons is a free to play game that is a traditional fantasy RPG. So if you like the RPG elements of this free to play game, you should try some great RPGs like Sneaky Sneaky. Sneaky Sneaky is a tactical turn based strategy game with RPG elements. It’s graphically very similar to Knight And Dragons, with that very colorful Japanese style look.

Knights And Dragons also has some great city building elements. City building games like Knights And Dragons are very popular at the moment. You’ll find games like knights And Dragons all over Facebook and online, for instance, because city-building games are so popular.

If you like the city-building style elements you should take a look at these construction games. Or you could just try playing The Simpsons Tapped Out, which in my opinion is one of the most fun and most well designed city-building type games out.

Knight and Dragons takes RPGs and splices them with city building.  You build your city. You then get lots of different resources that help your characters to level up. Then you head into combat against all different manner of beasties. Or, if you can’t be bothered to wait, you can just hop into the game’s store and purchase stuff. It’s basically RPG + city building + combat = Knights & Dragons. So if you like Knights And Dragons you’ll pretty much like any RPG with city building elements.

Adventure Town is a city building game with RPG elements. You begin with a small town, build it up and then use your team of heroes to defend your town from the hordes of enemies that attack. Adventure Town is a very popular game because of its combination of RPG elements, city building and cutesy cartoon graphics. So you can see how similar this is to Knights And Dragons. you can read more about Adventure town and  similar games here.

Another really great part of Knights And Dragons is the PVP arena that let’s you fight other players to garner different rewards. There are achievements and you can call on your fellow players to help you when you’re in a tight spot. Again, this stuff isn’t unique. There are tons of similar games.  Knights and Dragons just does it better. You can find more games with PVE here.

Finally if you’re a fan of Knights And Dragons you probably love its combat system, right? Most iOS RPGs just the same combat system. You push a button, you spend some sort of resource. Combat like this just doesn’t feel involving. K&D is different. You select your line-up and have to time your special attacks so that you use them at the right point in time.Tons of games have similar systems, but one of the best is Ragnarok. Ragnarok is very different to Knights and Dragons, but they both have excellent PVP systems. So you might like to try playing Ragnarok and similar games.

So that’s an overview of Knights & Dragons style games. Now you probably would like some specific examples of games like Knights and Dragons. So, let’s take a look.


Games like Knights and Dragons



sneaky sneaky game

Sneaky Sneaky

Platforms: iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Visit Official Site

Sneaky Sneaky is a turn based adventure game with stealth based tactical gameplay. It’s available for PC, Mac and iOS. The story follows the adventure of an anti-hero who has been imprisoned but subsequently escaped. In the adventure he’ll vindicate himself as he reclaims a stolen treasure.

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