Games Like Jade Empire

In this list of games like Jade Empire we’ve included many of the best action role playing games in the world. Some of these games follow Jade Empire’s Wuxia style and have a similar setting, being set in China. Most of the games have you playing as a martial art’s hero using your sophisticated fighting style do dispatch enemies left right an centre.


If you’re a fan of Jade Empire I’m sure you’ll love THESE GAMES. 


Games like Jade Empire

The following games are all in the Wuxia genre (martial arts themed games, for a very brief description) 

Age of Wulin
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (video game)
Dragon Oath
Heavenly Sword
Heroes of Jin Yong
Jade Empire
Kingdom of Paradise
Martial Kingdoms
Xuan-Yuan Sword

Other games likfe Jade Empire that you’ll like 

Mass Effect

Baldur’s Gate

Knights of the Old Repbulic

Morrowind or Oblivion

Forgotten Realms Collection,


I also think you’ll love THESE GAMES. 


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