The Best Virtual World Games Like IMVU, Second Life

Do you love playing games like IMVU, games where you get to chat (and possibly flirt) with other players?

If you love IMVU you’re in luck. There are lots of other games like IMVU, and on all different systems. There are games like IMVU on Android and iOS. There are games like IMVU to play for free online in your browser. There are games like IMVU for PS4, PS3, XBox One, and Steam. Tons of really good IMVU-style games.

I’ve put together a list of the best IMVU-stye games for you.

I started by looking at social games. IMVU is a great social game where you get to chat to other players using an avatar. There are lots of similar games. In Second Life, for instance, you create an avatar and then you get to live out their virtual lives. You get to do everything from getting a job to finding love. It’s a complete virtual-world. You can read more about Second Life and similar games here.
Speaking of virtual worlds. There are all kinds of virtual worlds to play in. There are virtual worlds set in space. Virtual world set in different countries. Even virtual worlds set under water. If you love a great game that takes place in an interesting virtual world, take a look at this list of virtual world games. You’ll love them.

Maybe what you really like is chatting with other players online. You chat to all sorts of people in IMVU. And there are tons of similar chat-games with different people to meet too. Take a look at these chat-based games for more.

Those are some links to different types of games. And if you’re an IMVU fan you will love those games. But let’s pick a few of the very best IMVU-type games to play.


Here are some of my personal favorite game like IMVU.


There’s a list of games below. In it you’ll find the best virtual world social games. There are games like IMVU (and Apps) for your iPhone  and iPad, for Android, Windows, Mac, PS3 / PS4, and games similar to IMVU online for free with no download. So be sure to look at them all to find the best game for you. Some games are from 2016, some older than that, nd some are suitable for kids, others for adults.





Second Life

Play it Here

Second Life, as the name might suggest, attempts to be much more than a game and instead presents itself as a second lifestyle. In Second Life, you play in a virtual would that is kinda like the real world, except for the fact that you can fly and teleport.

>> More games like Second Life







PLATFORM: Web Browser (dedicated server)

OurWorld is a social based games for younger teenagers, which takes place in a virtual world and has many elements and areas to explore. Developed by FlowPlay and playable in the browser, OurWorld is one of the most popular social games in the world.

Once you have set up your own account you can create your character and avatar with many different customisable options. As you begin to play you will gain access to the game’s currency which will allow you to purchase accessories and items to further customise your character.


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