20+ Games Like Hitman Absolution for PC, XBox 360, PS3 and More


In our list below you’ll find the best games like Hitman Absolution for PC, XBox 360, PS3 and more. These games will offer you tons of assassinations and targets to hit, plus plenty of stealth. You can choose games based on common themes and genres, or see our personal choices for the best games like Hitman Absolution below.

Games like Hitman Absolution, by Genres and Themes

Assassination: Hitman is one of the founding fathers of stealth assassination games and has seen numerous releases on many different platforms. Hitman games are all about Agent 47 and his adventures and conflicts with his owners. He’s a master of assassination, stealthily tracking down and eliminating his targets. For similar games, see our list of the best Assassination Games.

Stealth: Gameplay in the Hitman series is split up into different levels which assign you to a different target. You must use stealth to make take down your target, though sometimes you’ll approach head on. There’s a story to the game too, some way in which the various targets are brought together. What, you didn’t just think this was mindless gratuitous violence, did you? 😀 The key gameplay mechanics in the game involve managing tension, removing dead bodies and stealth. There are many similar games. See our collection of the best stealth games.


Games Like Hitman Absolution — Our Choices

In our list of games like Hitman Absolution you’ll find many assassination games that require you to track down and eliminate your enemies. You’ll also find games that require a lot of stealth. Remember that you can vote and share the games, if you want, to help other fans of Hitman Absolution pick their next game.

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