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Games Like Gaia Online

You can find our complete list of games like Gaia Online below.

About Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a social MMO that began its life in a website forum but grew to become a highly successful game. In Gaia online you get to meet other players, to chat in forums about various subjects and to play many mini-games. And, of course, you will be able to create and to customise your avatar.

Gaia Online began its life way back in 2003 as a simple little community based on a website which hosted a few different social games. But the website blew up to become Gaia Online, a community of millions of different gamers and one of the most popular social games in the world.

In Gaia Online, as with other games like Gaia Online, you create your own character, known as a Gaian, and customise them with many different options. You can choose your eyes, your skin, your gender, different clothing and many other elements to truly personalise your avatar. You can also unlock additional clothing by purchasing items with Gaia Gold or Gaia Cash.

The main basis of Gaia Online is the forums, which cover tons of different topics. Forum posts are represented by speech bubble which rise from your character, giving the forums a touch of personality and making them less bland than a regular website forum. For every different post that you create you will earn some cash to spend on customising your avatar.

There are also many different games to play to add to the experience.


Games Like Gaia Online

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