25 Games Like Empire Earth


In our selection of games like Empire Earth we have hand picked the very best strategy games which are perfect for gamers who are a fan of the gameplay style of Empire Earth.

Empire Earth is a classic strategy game and is very similar to the games like Age of Empire, Age of War and other games, which you can find below. What make Empire Earth such a great game is the amount of strategy involved in the gameplay. Thanks to its excellent strategic game design, Empire Earth very quickly became a hugely popular game with many millions of players around the world. It is an important part in the evolution of the strategy game.

Anybody who has played other strategy games will immediately be accustomed to the sorts of gameplay mechanics included in Empire Earth. you’ll be building various buildings and constructions, making units and equipping them and finally sending them into battle with the intention of taking over the world.

One of the best parts of Empire Earth, and an elements which separates it from its fellow strategy games, is the realistic portrayal of eras in history. Empire Earth portrays many diferent era stretched across thousands of years and as you play you’ll gradually progress through history.¬†Of course, the period you are playing in changes the types of items that you have available to you and also changes the strategy you should employ.

Empire Earth is definitely one of the best strategy games of all time. For more games like Empire Earth see our list below. If you happen to know of any similar games that you think we should include in our list, get in contact via a comment and we’ll gladly update the list. Thanks

Games like Empire Earth

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