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20+ Games Like A Dark Room


In our list of games like A Dark Room you’ll find the best text games and city construction games. See our list of games like A Dark Room below, or continue reading our review.

About A Dark Room / Review

A Dark Room is definitely not a game that will please fans of gorgeous graphics. But, if you’re willing to ignore the complete lack of graphics in this text based game, there’s a lot to enjoy.

A Dark Room is a town building simulation RPG game that takes away all the superfluities and gets right down to the bare bones.

A Dark Room began life as a browser game and is still playable in that format for free, but it has subsequently been released on iOS and is definitely worth purchasing.

The game is text only, meaning that as you build your village you won’t actually see it. Instead you’ll see three columns of text. The left column shows what’s happening in the game world. Every action you perform, such as clearing traps or gathering wood, will be shown on the left side of the screen.

The middle text column allows you to interact with the game world, assigning residents various duties to perform, buying supplies and journeying into the over world. At first you’ll wonder precisely what you’re looking at in the middle column as the over world is shown in a series of letters and punctuation marks, but you’ll soon get used to it.

A Dark Room, of course, sets itself a hard challenge in having no graphics. Gamers who are used to graphics games will have a hard time getting involved with A Dark Room. But should you make the effort to look past the graphics, you’ll be rewarded with a deep gaming experience, full of resourcing, construction and management.

Another aspect of the game some players might take exception to is its slowness. A Dark Room requires a little bit of patients. Gathering resources also takes quite a lot of time. This definitely isn’t a game that immediately rewards the players, but if you are willing to be patient with it, you’ll find yourself loving it before long.

A Dark Room is a deep and highly satisfying game. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but gamers who don’t mind text and are willing to be a little patient will end up falling in love with this most unique title.

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 Games Like A Dark Room

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